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  1. Absinthist, Peridot, and Sixela: Thank you for deepening the discussion at hand. I felt a thread that addressed this issue specifically was required on the foremost authoritative web site on the subject of absinthe. Others may come here and view this thread and hopefully spread that knowledge gained to their friends off-net. I feel it will do a lot of good. All others: I have formally requested to be removed from membership of the site, which I hope will be done soon. Thank you all for participating in the discussion. Namaste Glaucus
  2. Thank you one and all. The kind ones for your kindness and the others for your skills. This thread is doing exactly what I had in mind for it to do. I'll write more later but my days are filled with many activities. But thanks again! Namaste Glaucus
  3. Absinthist: Thank you yet again. I am interested in those resources. If I cannot find them on my own I will contact you. Wild Bill Turkey: Hiram had complete access to my initial post. I included it in the reply to his initial email to me. The day after I forwarded my short essay he allowed me access to the site personally. This is the reason I was disappointed in his response. If he took such issue with me before I was allowed access to the forum, why allow me access knowing full well what I was here to do? Unless it was for his own entertainment. As for the misinformation, I used the search function, searched for GABA, and there they were. Marrow: I do know who created Marteau, which is why I furnished the short essay on GABA to him personally before posting it here. Also, I have been a member of the ninjai forums for 5 or so years. Good bunch of people over there. Is there anyone that would actually like to discuss the topic?
  4. Poor: Thank you, informative post. I picked the particular etymological description to aid the visualization that followed. Absinthist: Thank you very much. You have provided a springboard for some more research. You are obviously well trained in organic and inorganic chemistry. Perhaps you could 'dumb' down that statement for me? Ari: Yours was the best reply! Absinthist answered your first two. I don't know about the third, my research doesn't support that. Could you provide some resources? The same goes for the fourth. OMG_Bill: I too enjoy the myths that surround Absinthe but they are unfortunately aiding the prohibition. I don't think the quality of the myths will be harmed by providing the truth. I have talked to young kids in my area about Absinthe and have received replies like "Yeah, me and my friends got some Absinthe from Canada, that stuff doesn't make you hallucinate, totally bunk." and other such things. These are the attitudes that have kept it prohibited for so long and have allowed unscrupulous distillers to pack as much thujone into artificially colored liquors as they can manage, further destroying the heritage of Absinthe. Hiram and T73: I understand you are creator/vetenerated member(s) and have the power of administrators here but I am going to say this anyway. I really was looking forward to hearing both of your opinions on the subject of the post and all you offered was juinor high school social circle net-drivel. Forgive my bluntness but I am sorely dissappointed. This post is my introduction. I'm off for class and then work so I will check in later this evening for your responses. It is nice to meet all of you regardless of what your initial responses were. Namaste Glaucus
  5. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce this subject as well as debunk some of the myths and rumors that surround this complex liquor. I have searched through the forums here and the same false information that I find everywhere on the internet still persist. This is the place where the truth shall blossom like the fragile flowers on a gray green stem. Lucid (the legal absinthe) contains Thujone, it is impossible to seperate it from Artemesia Absinthium. It does however, not cross over through the distillation process to any great extent. Where Lucid is concerned, the inventor asserts he has reverse engineered actual 19th century Absinthes found at estate sales and from other collectors, in this process he has found that the actual thujone content of these traditional absinthes just happens to fall under the legal requirements of the US (along with a successful argument in semantics with the FDA) and he has created Lucid, jumped through all the correct hoops, and here it is. The problem we are facing today with all the other producers of the appertif is that the true formulaes were lost and those that produced it in the internm, what with the law screaming about thujone, assumed that there must be high concentrations in the original formulaes, which we now know is untrue. Alcohol is a GABA agonist. It stimulates the production of this neurotransmitter which causes drowsiness and sleep. Thujone is a GABA antagonist. It prohibits alcohol from performing that part of it's function. Absinthe is therefore a type of 'speedball', it's chemical constituents at once promote the production of GABA and opens its receptors, while also closing those receptors off. This explains the 'lucid' effect that absinthe has, as oppossed to just normal drunkenness, which is associated with drowsiness. Another definition would be that the inhibitory effect of the antagonist thujone allows the consumer of absinthe to reach a stage of drunkenness that one would not be able to experience; the key word here is experience, not achieve; if one were consuming normal alcohol. This is the muse revealed. All the thujone allows is for the door opened in the psyche by alcohol to remain open longer, allowing the consumer to experience the effects of the alcohol as he would normally not be able to. This is also where Absinthe's sentience stems from. The word alcohol comes from the Arabic al-gwul, which means ghoul. The green fairy of wormwood mearly holds the door open for one to peer through upon the face of this familiar devil, alcohol. It brings to mind the old phrase "if you stare into the abyss long enough, the abyss begins to stare back." My above passage is further proved by this quote from the National Academy of the Sciences posted in full on this site by Hiram. “...[the] thujone content of old absinthe would give a detectable to major inhibitory effect beyond that of the ethanol content.” Wormwood is traditionally an insecticide and used to treat intestinal worms. The herb itself has been safely used for centuries for this specific treatment. I have grown wormwood and have a lb. sitting in my cupboard. I drink it straight as a tisane with no toxic effects. Thujone itself will contribute to renal failure if taken in large doses. One should never consume the essential oil of wormwood for any purpose. Lucid and those that follow like Marteau Verte Classique are to be, in my opinion, perfectly legitimate classic absinthes that contain thujone. When you drink it, you will be producing the effect in your brain that I described above. Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.