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  1. Thanks much...I'm pretty excited about finally setting up shop, so to speak. But anywho...off to bed for now. Have a great night! Thanks again!
  2. Sadly...nothing in the past few months...ya know the story...completely broke college kid...barely enough gas in the 'ol car to get to school...but I'm waiting for my next paycheck...then I was thinking that I was gonna buy a bottle...don't really know what I want though. It would be the first time I've actually bought my own...any advice?
  3. Welcome...I lurked for about a week or so before I decided to post!
  4. Hey All...I know I've already introduced myself...but I just had to say thanks to all! I've never felt more welcome in a group before! I'm friggin' excited about being here and just hope I can find more time to log on... To T73...I'm not sure what my first absinthe was...just that it was a blanche...sorry for the total disappointment! To Brooks...alas, I have a while yet to go in school. Constant distruptions in my education has put me into what is seemingly the "ten to twelve year plan" as a close friend of mine puts it. Grr...but not matter, at least I'm having fun with my life, eh? Its Marek...like MARE-ick. Damn pollock parents...hehe. And...damn, I can't remember who last posted...but yes...so many similarities...either you are my twin or you are stalking me. Creepy...Luscious Oily Lesbians!...only kidding. Anywho...thanks all again for such a warm welcome! -Marek
  5. So, I have never posted in a forum before tonight, so I suppose this is landmark in a couple different respects. But anyway... My name is Marek. I am fairly new to absinthe, being introduced months ago by a close acquaintance (oxymoron?). After initially loving it, I've spent the best part of this year researching anything I could about it...as well as telling anyone who would listen of my newfound love...obsession...whatever! Absinthe aside...I am a college student living in a beautiful place. I may be forced to move in the near future to a not-so-beautiful place, but I suppose I'll deal with that issue when it comes along. Mostly, I love to hike with my dog, Sadie. I am planning to hike my first leg of the Triple Crown when I come to a stopping point in my education as a theatre major. However, as anyone who knows theatre...there is no stopping point. Maybe after I finish my Bachelor's I'll take the six or so months off to take Sadie through the Appalachian Trail. So for now, that's it...look forward to hearing from you!