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  1. Well, this weekend is the Grapefest wine event in Grpaevine Texas near where I live and the wife really wants to go becasue she loves wine. I have never really been much into wine, so I was thinking about bringing some absinthe along. However, I Don't really want to disgrace a fine absinthe by drinking it out of a plastic cup though. Heck, Maybe ill just bring a backpack with spoons and all... Luscious Oily Lesbians!. I just can't see myself drinking wine all day when there is so much good absinthe to drink. "What say you , bring or no bring"?
  2. My wife has been wanting to try absinthe since my first bottle arrived. She takes lexapro and is worried that all those herbs may clash with her medicine. Anyone know if absinthe doesn't mix to good with any perscriptions,cause she really wants to try it buts she leary.
  3. I would agree, taste should come before secondary effects. Most secondary effects i have felt have been mild to none. The main factor i like is drinking absinthe doesn't get me really acting drunk although i know i am. On top of that i sleep better and recall dreaming almost every night. I get up feeling completely rested and without even the slightest hangover.....even after about 7 glasses. I'm trying to introduce my friends to it , i will never give them staroplezencky; what a bad way to be introduced to absinthe
  4. What are your opinions of Amer 72 , I love it ....a lot
  5. tanks for the help, well as far as effect.... Amer 72 gives me a floaty feeling, Trul actually made colors stand out and extremely vibrant. I had a party where i finished off the trul and everyone mentioned the color issue to me , I simply said, "i know" . I may actually get another bottle of trul maybe ..... i don't know enjoying the amer72 and jade right now.
  6. Sorry i think i posted first in the general forum. Anyways i'm new to absinthe and bought 5 bottles to start out 1901 jade,Amer72 and sorry to say the rest is czech. Im working on my first glass of staroplzenecky's right now.... i hate it;I think this will be my last glass of it(doesn't louche and not even two sugars seem to get rid of the burned rubber after taste). I love 1901 and Amer72, taste perfect and clean and relax the hell out of you. What are some other good future choices?
  7. I ordered 5 bottles to start out with, Absinthe x lisse,staroplzenecky, lemercier amer 72( great effect after only one glass), trul and a bottle of 1901 jade. I have to say that staroplezencky is complete trash in true form. Jade and Amer 72 are greatness, they taste clean and refined. Trul tasted cheap but had a great effect and the lisse absinthe x, well i can't really say it even tastes like an absinthe Luscious Oily Lesbians!. What other great brands are there out there like Amer72 and the jade seris , that still give a good effect. Cause after all even when i drink coffee i still like it to have a big caffy kick . I now know that czech absinthe sucks, wish i could have spent it on some more amer72 or jade but i had to try you know.