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  1. Steven Colbert talks about the new legal drink Absinthe, as I laugh my ass off and wet the bed I'm watching it in. Here's how it went down last night on the Colbert Report (pronounced The Colber Repor): # Well, right now, young people are facing an insidious old menace. The alcoholic threat known as absinthe. It has become fashionable again, and as psychologist Patricia Farrell told Reuters, “underage revelers are going to want it because of . . . the sense of ‘danger’ that comes with it”. # Kids love danger. That is why so many young people today suck on Chinese toys. We have to nip this in the wormwood bud. Which brings us to tonight’s WØRD. "Absinthetinence" # Youth Nation, absinthe is not good old-fashioned booze, it’s BAD old-fashioned booze. This 124-proof firewater has been banned since 1912 because this stuff can do serious damage, not just to your liver, but to your kidneys. *Stephen points to his head* [stephen Was Home-Schooled]. # You see, for centuries, this alcoholic hallucinogen turned men into mad, creative types. Van Gogh loved it so much, he’d go to any lengths to garnish his glass [pic of an absinthe glass “garnished” with a severed ear]. # Oscar Wilde said that absinthe gave him the sensation of tulips brushing against his shins — ‘Two lips’ that probably belonged to George Bernard Shaw [Known As “Giving a Pygmalion”]. # And Picasso — Picasso drank so much of the stuff that to him, women looked like this [image of Picasso’s “Woman with Hat Seated in Armchair“]. They’re in there, guys. Keep lookin’. # Look at this new bottle of a legal absinthe called Lucid. Brought to you by Cats, evidently. ‘Lucid’ absinthe? I haven’t seen a product so misnamed since Club crackers. You don’t actually have to be a member to buy these. [but Why No Black Keebler Elves?] # I want young people to join me in a pledge of abstinence from absinthe, by taking this absinthetinence pledge. Say it with me: * Colbert Absinthe-tinence Pledge: “I, state your name, do hereby pledge to practice absinth-tinence by remaining absinth-tinent from Absinthe . . . Since Absinthe incidents in many instances induce incipient synesthetic inspiration and sinister synthetic insistence on sin, I sincerely insist I will be absent from instances of Absinthe ingestion, this instant.” * Editor’s note: Day-um, Stephen!! # Now, if you aren’t high on absinthe, you should be able to say that pledge. [if You’re High On Pledge, Get Help.] And, folks, I hope you will, because I was up all night writing it. Just me, pen and paper, a six of Red Bull, two packs of menthols and a handful of Benadryl to cut the shakes. Just wanted to share this piece of humor with you.
  2. OK i looked at your other two questions. No it was not an online order i live one hour away from the nearest seller. And the box is not a limited addition thing it was the box the actually case of six came in. As for the larger thumbnail, what cant you see its a bottle of Lucid with the case box it came in, what do you want to see? Go on their website, the only thing you cant see is their speal on the back of the bottle of it being made from Grade wormwood. I think I am going to order a 6 pack of the A.a. from the mountain place on Monday as i cant seem to find any around here even on the old horse fields or train tracks. peace out tricky
  3. The box was what the case of six came in. The lady at the store offered it to me, I instantly said yes. As for your other questions, i froget, im on my fourth drink of lucid. Ill pm you later.
  4. Hey guys, I just got my first bottle of Lucid Absinthe. I served it with the sugar on the spoon with the water pored onto it till it became milky white. I think this is called "neat?" Anyway it is awesome!! I'm going to have one more glass. I had to call up the liquor store and put one on hold for myself before the shipment came in today. They were supposed to get a whole case, 6 of them, but they short-shipped them only 3 bottles. When I got there the lady said the other two were also spoken for! And they had just come in an hour before that! Next time I guess I will have to order two, as it is an hours drive for me. Truly spectacular stuff. Tricky
  5. I new it! As soon as I got it I chewed two leaves, it wasn't bitter at all. Back to the drawing board....
  6. Is this A.a? Or is it some other type in the same family? please let me know.
  7. yeh, im going to call around some nurseries today and see who has them. There are 3 that have them within 2 hours of my on the web so who knows who else has them. Thanks for all your help guys.
  8. hehe, Hiram and I posted at the same time almost. The last post was ment to be before Hiram for Auguru.
  9. PC doesnt have flowers. I have seen this on two different sources. Then again this is only what I have read. Those to look one and the same. Mabe the local nursery had A.a. when they thought they had PC. I have some PC and it is a short little bush. Then again like I said. I dont have any A.a. to hold it up against.
  10. not to be doubtful, but thats not many sources including this says: http://plants.usda.gov/java/profile?symbol=ARAB3
  11. Hey guys, My user name "psi3000" comes from equipment in paintball, which I used to play a lot of. When the game introduced compressed air instead of CO2, some of the first tanks to come out could only hold 3000 PSI, lbs per square inch. So this is what I chose all of my forum names to be from that point on. Secondly I come here seeking advice on where to find some A.a. out in the wild. I am right on the DE/PA border and work on the DE/NJ boarder. I would love to find a public park or something that I could view it in its natural habitat. I have been looking for 3 days. This plant just sounds fascinating. It keeps other plants and pests at bay and gives off a unique fragrance, along with many other factors. If someone would be willing to point out where I could find some I would really appreciate it. I have a GPS so give me a address or intersection of near where it could be found. I also have a lot of dried chopped A.a. I got at an herb store. I would be willing to trade live plants for a bunch. I just don't have a need for the dried chopped stuff. I have found so many useful facts on this website. Keep up the great work guys.
  12. yeh thats the first place i looked.
  13. does anyone know any place in PA or NJ to see A.a? A state park or public place? I would really like to see some in the wild and see how it grows.
  14. Here are some pics I took. Can someone tell me if they are A.a. please? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  15. I am asking these questions for information purposes only! You will not see me posting "how do i "s. Im here for information only, just like the rest of you in the USA.