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  1. The monkeys arrived and I just brought my bottles of Eichelberger Verte and François Guy home. I'm saving the first tastes for this weekend, but I popped the corks and took in the scents of both. DELICIOUS! The Eichelberger is definitely different then my norm, but amazing. And the FG has the potential to be a new fav (I also like the FG spoon that came with the order). Can't wait for the weekend...for yet another reason.
  2. Welcome aboard! And great quote, by the way.
  3. Welcome aboard! Always room for another geek here.
  4. I am the yang to your yin! But cheers anyway.
  5. Welcome aboard! Good first picks. VdF is a fav of mine and my own first taste of Eichelberger will be arriving sometime this week!
  6. Weleome aboard! As to favorite glassware...everyone has their favorite. My present fav is my cordon glass. Check out all the posts and have some fun here.
  7. I swear I did a search! :P As usual, Hiram comes through again. Thanks! I do wonder, then, why you don't see ice in these vintage pictures or advertisements.
  8. That makes sense. But do we see ice being used in reference to the absinthe ritual at all? Like I said, it seems that the pictures that I can find don't show ice at all. Any texts then? I suppose I'm asking where we get specifically ice water being used in the ritual historically.
  9. Here's an interesting question that just came to mind. In the ritual today, ice water is a necessity but did they use ice in the Belle Epoch? I've been looking at some of the absinthe posters (Oxygenee, et al), the Renouard engraving, and one photo (L'Aperitif postcard) and you see the carafes hold no ice. That makes sense. I mean, some crude refrigerators were around but I don't think that freezers were common out there. If the cafes could get ice regularly that would have been added to the cost of the absinthe and whatnot. So is using ice water with absinthe our present-day addition to the ritual or historically was ice used as well?
  10. Welcome aboard, Jeff! I think that you'll find some decent variety out there and certainly more than a few choices which are probably better quality than when you first tried absinthe. Do you remember what you tried, by any chance? My first was La Fee and I've definitely climbed the ladder since then. Enjoy the forum!
  11. Welcome aboard! Enjoy the Edouard.
  12. Woohoo! Another VdF fan! Thank goodness. Bah! Bah, I say to you, non-VdFers!
  13. I actually get very vivid dreams as well when I drink some absinthe. Even after my glass is empty, I know that I have something to look forward to when I hit the hay thanks to the Green Fairy.
  14. Dune? Oh, it's a piece of hack work but it passes the time... :P
  15. I asked the very same question not all that long ago and since it hasn't been explicitly said yet in this thread (at least not that I've spotted), go to an herb shop or some such and get a small bottle of each herb. Then take turns smelling each before you go to your sip of absinthe. I'd recommend fresh herbs if possible (or at least that's worked best for me). Some I still don't detect at all. Hyssop, for example, is not an ingredient in any form in any absinthe as far as my nose and palate can discern... When I went to the herb store I was actually ready for the clerk to ask me if I was thinking of making my own absinthe and was actually a little disappointed when she didn't. Oh well...
  16. Welcome aboard - you've come to the right place! I am a ferret owner also. Three furry cuties - Myrtle, Katrina, and Damien. Here's a picture of my boy Damien wearng a sailor cap...yes, I know it's just wrong! :P
  17. Holy crap, Green - I'm catching up on posts and almost spewed soda on my computer screen here at work when I saw your Samuel Jackson there! Thanks - I needed that!
  18. To expand on what the others have said, if indeed there had been a burning your sugar ritual involved with absinthe back in the Belle Epoche I am certain that it would have at least been put on this site as a historical reference. The Wormwood Society is all about spreading the FACTS about absinthe. But the fact is that this "fire ritual" didn't occur way back then. It was brought about as a marketing scheme to make the drinking of absinthe (excuse me, absinth) more of a drug-like ritual. It has no connection to the way that absinthe was actually imbibed in any epoch before the late '80s. So it's discouraged not only because it can get you hurt or (worse yet) ruin your absinthe - it's because it has nothing to do with the actual history of absinthe. In addition, it gives absinthe a bad name.
  19. Why must you torture Shai so??? :P
  20. Welcome aboard!! I'd recommend the Fougerolles myself - blanche and verte.
  21. I was thinking he looked like a young Oliver Platt...
  22. Welcome aboard! And, also, great quote.
  23. Welcome, Traveller, and sorry for the late welcome. Where in Portugal are you, if you don't mind me asking? I actually tried some absinthe in Portugal on my trip there earlier this year. It was at the Oriental Pavillion in Lisbon. They had a huge variety of alcohols and, on finding the anise section ordered the generically listed "absinthe." I was pretty screwed up by the time I got there and had the sense to at least ask to see the bottle. It read "Absinthe" on the front, the label being the kind with the silver highlighting of the absinthium leaves. On the back it read "product of Portugal." Any idea what variety it was? It wasn't very good quality, but I'm curious. Thanks for the help on that.
  24. Welcome aboard! Advice? Read everything on the WS site and try a variety of absinthe as time goes on.