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  1. Hey now! Get your fingers off Theatre's fancy!!! :P
  2. And that (and my incredibly cool avatar) is why I love Wild Bill!
  3. Thank you all! And, yes, my weekend is FAR better than my week (shocker!).
  4. I'm not even a goth and "When You Don't See Me" is one of my favorite songs to this day! (And I also apologize for tangenting...)
  5. Well, I'm just glad that I didn't make that comment on an LSD board or I'd have been directed to their FAQ and flamed for yet another "LSD cut with ____" post. :P I'll go with "the alcohol itself did it" then.
  6. I'm thinking tonight after my crappy week I deserve a treat of some of my shrinking stocks of Edouard and Verte Suisse...probably some more François Guy as well.
  7. Isn't LSD often cut with strychnine or some other poison that causes the user to wretch and possibly puke (never used, but heard the stories)? Maybe spiked with that? Otherwise I go with "the alcohol itself did it" theory. Anyway, the only historical reference to absinthe making you "trip" that I can think of is the infamous Wilde story about "watering the tulips." Everything else I can recall reading about the absintheurs of the day just references getting drunk and maybe the "mental clarity" effect...but not really any hallucinations. If anything, their poetry painted a picture that, if interpreted one way, could be construed as hallucinations but from the way I read them just uses absinthe as an allegory (is that the right word) to make a point about life or what have you.
  8. Just tried the Eichelberger tonight and I must say that it's not one of my favorites. Maybe I've gotten to used to the "floral" and "herbal" tastes and associated it with absinthe. This one tastes more..."earthy" than anything. Still, I think this is one that I'll try now and again and offer to friends who aren't fans of the more anise-based absinthes.
  9. I actually enjoyed The Book of Absinthe: A Cultural History by Baker. I don't remember the thujone chapter, but I remember snippets of the rest (and am presently rereading it) and it has alot to offer if you're into the figures of the day. Of all of the figures in the book, as far as I remember Wilde was the only one not to die an alcohol- or malnutrition-related death. I just remember thinking that if they only knew moderation how much more that they could have contributed. Then again, if they were moderate would they have been the geniuses that they were?
  10. Tonight is some well-deserved relaxation. I'll be drinking my new acquisitions - the Eich Verte and FG...as well as some other goodies. And I'll be thinking of you guys.
  11. Yeah, but that's not necessarily about the article. I just wonder if it really did anything for the absinthe community in the end or if it just created more half-informed gawkers when all is said and done.
  12. I'd be interested to find out if the influx of orders to LdF due to the New Yorker article will produce return customers or just a one-time curiosity buy. Have any new members popped on lately and said that they discovered us after reading the article and getting their absinthe?
  13. I somehow doubt that LdF would even joke about selling Hill's even for April Fool's Day. :P
  14. Where is GrayWolf when you need corseting info?? :P
  15. Trippin' Ballz on Jager? The Livejournal crowd (no offense to any LJers out there) will have a ball when they google that one! :P I can see it now: "Yeah, trippin' on Jager feels like bein' high on hash. And I thought 'sinthe made me trip..."
  16. If you absolutely have to be doomed, I can think of many worse ways than absinthe and absinthiana collecting. :P
  17. Hmmm....you have the cool glass...but what's lacking? Let me see... I see spoon collecting in your future!!! Muahahahaha! Welcome to the club.
  18. Welcome aboard, Nancy! It looks like you picked a nice variety of flavors for your first go, so congrats on that. But where's the King of Spirits Gold??? :P Enjoy the forums!
  19. I hear that he's your friend when things get rough...
  20. Who remembers, "Well, you know my name is Simon..."? How about The Electric Company, Sesame Street's not-so-long-lasting cousin?