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  1. Yeah, I'm trying not to get my hopes up of the fountain lasting much longer. It may have just become a cool conversation piece and that's it. But I've been spoiled having the fountain instead of the carafe method so I may soon be in the market again.
  2. Just wanted to share with people who could feel my pain. So there I was last night cleaning my Frenchman fountain inside and out. I unscrewed the strainer (or whatever that part is called) inside the glass "jar" and swirled the sponge around and ended up twirling that strainer which wacked the inside of the fountain. Now there's a crack about two inches long. It looks to be inside the glass for the most part. I can't feel it from the outside and really have to try to feel any crack from the inside. So I cleaned it again to make sure it was glass-chip free and tested it. Thankfully, no leakage along the crack. I nearly wet my pants as it happened and I realized what I'd done. I am apparently a dumbass. Just figured I'd share. It's my first fountain and has some sentimental value to me. I'm just thankful that the crack wasn't worse.
  3. Happy B-Day! :wave: :wave: And many more! I'll be drinking a lonely toast (damn lack of Milwaukeean absintheurs!) to your continued health tonight. Scott
  4. Groovy. Thanks for the clarification, Gatsby.
  5. That actually hurt to even read that, TGO.
  6. I checked my new bottle of Edouard this morning and it did have the fevrier stamp on it, so I'll be interested to find out how it looks. Maybe Saturday... I don't understand, though, how adding absinthe from an older batch to the new would affect the color. I mean, the absinthe that they're talking about adding would be the absinthe from the old batches BEFORE they went through the maceration coloring process, wouldn't it? Or do they actually take the finished product of the older batches and add it to the finished new batch? Anyway, I'm sure it's still great stuff. Already looking forward to Saturday.
  7. I'm also a big fan of Edouard's (and VS's) hue, but even a bigger fan of the scent. After louche, I just sit back and let the scent waft over to me at my seat. Delicious!
  8. My new bottle of Edouard arrived recently, so I'll have to see what there is to see when I sample from it. Presently I still have the remainder of my previous bottle which I intend to polish off this weekend. I certainly hope that not a whole lot is different (though from your post it doesn't sound like anything at all drastic), as the Edouard remains my favorite.
  9. Mindshifter, please excuse Shai - he has a Dune fetish...but who can really blame him? That link is pretty sad - you found a good one for this thread. Again, I have to ask, does everyone look at the first link in whatever they're searching for and take what's there as gospel? I'm dating myself, but when I was growing up the phrase "don't believe everything you read" was taken very seriously. It seems the more information people have access to, the less they actually use it. Kind of like having a gym in the basement and never finding the gumption to use it. The really sad thing is that we see the same misinformation circulated over and over again. Real absinthe may just need a better PR guy/gal. Maybe we should see if the guy the Hill's company uses is available... :P
  10. Yeah, introducing others to absinthe is great. Those who enjoy it, it's a nice warm-fuzzy. I've tried on a few occasions to introduce someone to it subtly only to be met with a, "a friend of mine had a bad experience with absinthe..." type of line. Everytime I hear something like that I get a feeling like someone just ran their fingernails across a chalkboard. I feel myself cringing inside. And generally, these people who have "had a friend" who's had an experience are 100% convinced (in my experience) that it is indeed a drug and can't be steered away from it. It just sucks. This is part of my life and something that I take seriously and it does still have some mystique for me and I feel like I've been slapped to hear responses like that. (If I'm getting off-topic, my apologies) You might as well tell a classic car aficionado that the cars he likes are old and useless and he should look at the modern variety, as a good example. But on those occasions where someone discovers it and loves it, that's a cool experience.
  11. Though the level of mystique has dropped a bit, I find that my fascination with the Belle Epoche era and the artists and absintheurs thereof grows all the time. Even Jade isn't an exact replica of pre-ban, but it has it's spirit. To me, drinking absinthe gives me the same kind of feeling that I got when I collected coins as a kid. Work with me on this one. Collecting these old coins, I'd hold each in my hand and wonder who touched it, what was bought with it, or what else it was "witness" to. With absinthe, sampling the stuff that at least approximates pre-ban gives me the feeling of sharing a link with those absintheurs of the era - that in at least one sense I'm sharing something with them. As to how often I sample my collection, I do save it for special days - usually Saturdays when I can lounge around in the evening with a few glasses and fill up my fountain, just sitting back to relax and enjoy the ride, usually with a good movie or other DVD in the background. The Edouard and François Guy are my present favs that I have in stock. Soon I'll be opening a bottle of VdF and get reacquainted with that as well.
  12. Beautiful! Exquisite! (And the grille too) :P
  13. Right. I'm talking if I was to arrange for them to accept it even if I haven't checked in yet (doing Memorial Day weekend +1) so that it doesn't have to be as much of a crap shoot in receiving it (pun intended). I'll probably call later today.
  14. Not at all - I appreciate the info. So how do you guys travel with your absinthe? Or do you? Hmm...I wonder if the hotel would accept a package mailed to myself there. I may have to check into that.
  15. Since the flying monkeys from LdF arrived this week (a mere five days including the weekend!) and brought my bottles of Edouard and VdF, I'll be doing some sampling tonight, methinks... My Edouard stock was running low, so I was pushing it to the side - I'm not sure what I'd do without some on hand. But now that I've replenished, tonight Edouard and I shall reacquaint. I bought the bottle of VdF specifically to take on my Vegas trip coming up soon. The old Navy buddy that I'm rooming with there for the reunion is curious about absinthe so I figured I'd start him on something simple but solid (and on the cheaper end). I was thinking some FG at first, but I think he'll appreciate the VdF more as a first experience. I still freak out about traveling with bottles, but I think if I take it as a carry-on wrapped in bubble-wrap or something it'll do the trick. And as a carry-on I can control how much it gets thrown and banged around.
  16. I would generally agree with you, but I think that the Kylie Minogue interpretation in Moulin Rouge! was hawt. If there absolutely has to be a modern interpretation, I will be able to sleep soundly with "I'm the Green Fairy" twinkling in my ear and visions of pixie dust shaking from her firm behind... :P But that's me.
  17. If I could just afford that tippling cane... Then again, I'd have nightmares about going through the x-ray machine with it.
  18. I'm heading for Vegas this month and they apparently have a number of BYOB places, so I'm toying with the idea of bringing a bottle along with me to share with my friends at the Navy reunion. Now if I can only get over my fear of traveling with a glass bottle it could actually happen...
  19. 18?? I thought there could be only one...
  20. From Strong to Jade? You are in for some culture shock, my friend. :P Welcome aboard!