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  1. I'm going to have to check that out at home where I'm at liberty to use some sound. Predictably, several of the comments tout various kinds of crapsinth (Trul & KoSG) as the best out there...
  2. I'll be thinking of you guys tonight as I indulge in my Moulin Rouge Fountain Night Ritual™. I'm thinking the last of my Edouard, some Eichelberger Verte (I've been saving it and enjoyed the nose from the bottle last night - it may have come around for me), and maybe some FG. What stocks I've saved are dwindling so it will soon be order time again!
  3. Yeah, I'll be the guy holding the camera at that get-together. I can see it now... "Absintheurs Gone Wild - The Girls" Director's commentary: "We also tried putting out an 'Absintheurs Gone Wild - The Guys' but, well...let's just say that it wasn't pretty and I've now officially seen Hiram and Absomphe's asses more than my own..." "Now, watch this scene carefully - I'd never before seen absinthe louched in a navel, but I'm not exactly knocking it at the moment..." "Here we can see Nymphadora...yeah, I think that's canoodling.." "You can tell by the camera hysterics here that this is the scene where I drunkenly trip over Maggie the Cat just before she was about to spin the Twister spinner. Sorry about that, Maggie. To her credit, she went on to take first place in the Jell-O twister competition..."
  4. Excellent! My only advice (and I think that most here will agree with me) is to try a variety of absinthe - don't be shy about going non-Jade. There's alot to like out there. Just stay away from the Czech crapola.
  5. Welcome! So...when is your first order and what are you planning to get??
  6. Welcome aboard! Nice pick, starting with a Jade there. Was that your first pick or were there others that preceeded it?
  7. Hey, do we really need a reason to spread some cheer???
  8. :groupwave reversed: :groupwave reversed:
  9. I got the 2007 H-D Super Glide Custom. It's a really nice bike. I'm hoping to take a ride out Seattle-way to attend a WS get-together someday. Just have to get my riding level up enough to make it there safely on such a long ride.
  10. It's not as if I was ever a top poster or anything, but...I'm back! For a while last year and this year I was stuck in some debt. Some of my making (read as: new Harley) and some unexpected (hospital bills, et al). Even reading of the absinthe that I couldn't order sucked. I had to get out of debt and not into more (or spending good money that could otherwise be used to pay it off) so I stopped coming by. Even not stopping by, I was still tortured by the well-meaning Emails from Oxy telling me of his wares, to include some pre-ban samples that I would have otherwise leapt at buying. I'm successfully out of debt and my budget is as stable as it ever was, so now I feel comfortable spending my ill-gotten gain on the luxuries...like some absinthe. And stopping by is now a pleasure - it's nice to catch up on absinthe, old and new, and see how you guys are doing without feeling like I'm the kid drooling as he looks into the candy store window. So, whether you remember me or not, it's nice to be back.
  11. Woohoo! Way to survive another one! Congratulations!
  12. I haven't had any snapping issues with my LdF cordon glass. In fact, it's my reigning favorite. I can't seem to drink a Jade unless I pour it into that one. I don't get why you'd want it tinted green, though, especially since part of the process of enjoying absinthe is taking in the color...
  13. It's like Seattle Thunderdome...but without Tina Turner...
  14. Never been to London, but in Lisbon is a cool place called the Chinese Pavilion. I ordered absinthe from their extensive alcohol menu and got something I swear said that it was a product of Portugal. I remember (drunkenly) checking the bottle and it was just called Absinthe with a silvery label...but I have zero idea what brand, etc. If you happen to go to the Chinese Pavilion, I'd be interested to find out what they serve there. They served it to me on the rocks, so if you want it otherwise, I suggest that you tell them. Have fun on your trip!!!
  15. Here you go. Again, not the best camera...or photographer.
  16. Well, I've been trying to get pictures, but I can't get my camera to focus on the label well enough to read it. The rear label of the bottle is stamped in the lower right hand corner with "Fev.2006" and the color is good, definitely not the yellowing tinge that you describe.
  17. I mean that the color didn't look as if it had changed to me. I remembered your post as I poured the glass and watched it louche and as near as my non-connoisseur eye can tell, the color has not changed from the color of my last bottle of Edouard.
  18. I just opened my bottle of Edouard (with the Fevrier 2006 stamp) last night and the color seems alright to me. The scent after louch didn't seem to explode like it normally does and the taste seemed a little off (more of an alcohol bite than I'm used to with the Edouard). Then again, I had only one glass...so it looks like it's Sampling Saturday at the Lanterne household. It's a beautiful thing. For the record, I did also try more of my Eich and while it's still not on my favorites list it's growing on me.
  19. I think that I'm going to give the aquarium sealer idea a shot - definitely worth a try. And thank you to Heure Verte who helped behind the scenes to see if he could find me a replacement globe for the fountain. GREATLY appreciated!