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  1. Can someone tell me if blood really is running out my ears? I think that Ebay ad busted something... Dare I dream?
  2. Hiram, I remember you commenting about that in terms of FDA regulations - having to define what makes an item that item. I don't quite understand the legalities that are letting Lucid and the like in presently, but can we count on the FDA to require these spirits to have a minimum of anise, fennel, and wormwood to call themselves "absinthe" when it comes to it?
  3. If there is, I wasn't able to find it in a search. My hope is to live out my twilight years as a Professeur d'Absinthe in a nice pub in the US (or wherever), showing the newbies how to lift their arm just so as they drip the water over their sugar and spoon and being paid in absinthe for my expert tutorial services. I can dream, can't I?
  4. Looking through the local liquor store, there are some tasty beers, ales, wines, and what have you for generally reasonable prices. If you want some name brands or specialty items you can pay upwards of around $40 or so (more I'm sure for some items, but from what I've seen that's the general upper limit). As absinthe seems to be making a comeback, legally speaking in the US, will it be able to compete with the other liquor or wine shop offerings once people see the price tags? I gladly pay the price for the absinthe that I've sampled but I can't imagine Joe or Jill wine connoisseur paying around $100 to get quality absinthe when you can get quality versions of everything else for so very much less. Any thoughts? Will prices come down as the market opens up and it's fiscally possible for producers to do it, given the bulk they could sell, or will prices stay where they are and cater to the more dedicated crowd?
  5. Welcome aboard! Nice intro and good to see yet another midwesterner posting here. I'd be interested as to what you thought of your first Jade. And good luck finding that spoon!
  6. Ah, I was going from the premise as you first brought up with the parts of the kit just being herbal extract. Now that I take a look again at the captionless picture, it would suggest that I am indeed mistaken.
  7. Very cool. I eagerly await the official news. Another cool thing is that these kits would be non-alcoholic - anyone can buy one and get an appreciation/education as to what goes into absinthe.
  8. You may want to also make larger orders in the future instead of the smaller ones (though I understand your urge to get the minis right away!) - you'll save on shipping costs all told.
  9. The more I think about the "Palate Calibration Kit" the more it makes really smart sense to me on several fronts. First, as a personal tool for appreciating absinthe for both beginner and experienced absintheur. REALLY tasting and being able to pick out from that sample the coriander, hyssop, etc. As an actual education tool. If you have herbal samples, you have packaging to put them in, even if it's just a cardboard case with little pop-outs that hold the samples. Print the actual history of absinthe and the ritual on them. Two positives in absinthe's court for the price of one. Heck, even a sheet of folded paper with that info if the packaging for the kit is just a plain box or what have you. As a debunking tool. If someone can try out the kit then sample some Hills or any of the "Strongs" and can't pick out more than maybe one of the herbs, will they get the point that those things aren't absinthe? I suppose the only question (and possibly why we have not seen such a thing) is can you make money from it? Would such kits possibly spur on absinthe purchases? From the perspective of the absinthe community, I can't see a single negative to such a kit. But nobody is going to produce such a thing at a loss.
  10. Welcome aboard! I, too, will be interested in hearing what you thought of the Montmartre - it's on my list.
  11. Doesn't "thujone-free" equal "wormwood-free"? I don't care about thujone content, but I do care about wormwood content.
  12. Is this still something that you're thinking of putting together, Hiram? I know I'd be onboard for such a product!
  13. Very cool! I didn't even realize that your blog existed (which is not a slight against you, I assure you). Is it okay if I pop a link on my own to yours?
  14. My stocks are running very low - I'm down to 1/4 bottle François Guy, a little Eich, some Edouard gone bad that should be sinked, and one dose of my first La Fee still sitting around. I was about to make a new order when I remembered that Oxy had some Pernod Fils samples that were on the market. So I decided to finally go for it and made my order for a large sample! I'm very excited so I figured I'd share.
  15. Welcome to posterdom!!! (is that a word?) La Fee was my first also - we both could have done far worse and it's not bad stuff, actually (hopefully you got the Parisian?). Also, their other wares hark back to the good ol' days, so they're okay in my book.
  16. I have to chuckle everytime I see that one...
  17. I cracked my Frenchman fountain (non-Green Lady variety) just like that. I lucked out, though, it seems - the crack seems to be fully inside the glass, everything is smoothe on both sides, and it's survived more than a few fillings with ice and water since then. I'm not sure about the Green Lady, but my version doesn't have a way for you to fully remove the filter which sucks for cleaning. So do be careful and enjoy your fountain!!
  18. Thank you guys! I just got back today from a vacation, catching up with some old buddies of mine on the east coast, hence the late reply. And thank you again for all of the b-day wishes!
  19. I'll be truly impressed when you see a character on TV louching a glass of absinthe as he tells the history of it or the like. Of course, you'd still have people posting on the crapsinth forums, "Why didn't he light it on fire in the traditional bohemian ritual?????"
  20. Probably because those folks wouldn't know classic sci-fi literature if you beat them with a first edition. But WE appreciate you, Shai!
  21. Happy B-Day, Shai - you desert creature, you!!
  22. Finally got a chance to check out the video - VERY cool! They did a good job of combining the technique, legalities, and history of absinthe in the little time that they had. Just one question: Where are the wormwood casks???
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    O....kay...... Is there a better business bureau for E-Bay?