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  1. I think that an absinthe superhero needs to take out this name-copying bastard!
  2. I just saw Silk last night (Stop laughing!) and there is a brief scene in the main character's village pub where there is a bottle of what looks like a Jade in the front of the shot (though is probably whatever meant to be whatever vintage distiller that Jade's bottles are made to look like) with a nice glass of it next to it. Nobody ever says the word "absinthe" though. The movie takes place in the 1860s if I remember correctly.
  3. Mouth...watering...no...sushi...fix...in...sight...tonight.... I think I need to head to the West coast and try some fugu.
  4. I say someone should produce vodka-flavored absinthe in protest.
  5. Hopefully that does not involve a spoon at any point...
  6. This has to be the longest newcomer intro...EVER! Good to see you, Shai, my fellow desert creature!
  7. Happy Birthday!!! Party hats? Meat hats? Web-cams? I'm terrified!!
  8. The Clandestine is, indeed, delicious. Enjoy your newest purchase!
  9. Have a GREAT time!!! Definitely post with how things went.
  10. Did someone post on to the computer that you had been using and forget to log you off first?
  11. Wow! Remember, you can only keep us in suspense for so long. Looking forward to hearing more!
  12. My sample just arrived today. Sometime in the next few days when I can have some serious me-time I'll have my very first taste. And thank you for your enthusiasm, everyone - it's appreciated. I know that I'm excited!
  13. I just might, Shabba. I mean, being that Lucid represents a big step forward for the absinthe industry in the US I should at least give it a try. Since that's what the WS is here to accomplish, it seems a good way to lend some support and put my money where my mouth is.
  14. Personally, I'm hesitant to give Lucid a try...and I'm not sure if it's even sold anywhere in my area as of yet. Glad that it worked out well for you and your friends, though. Give a review - I know I'd be interested to hear it!
  15. Not all that long ago, I remember LdF having a brief "The Dollar Is Crappy Against The Pound And We Know It Sucks" (my words) discount for US customers. I don't think that I have the Email that I got, but I figured that did not bode well for things. For the record, my last absinthe order (and almost all others) was from LdF.
  16. I'm not sure if I'm just not using the right vocabulary or what, but it seems that generally speaking people don't get why I am so enamored with absinthe. I can tell them how it's a literal spirit from the past that led some great artists to inspiration (though more to ruin). I can tell them about how it virtually disappeared for a century and enjoying it today is coupled with a journey of rediscovery. I can tell them about how it makes me feel like I have a link to the Belle Epoch and if I close my eyes I can almost see myself sitting outside a French cafe with my glass of louched drink within reach. I can even tell them about how I get a certain sense of satisfaction (maybe even a touch of elitism) when I know the true history and at least a basic understanding of the making of absinthe and can quietly chuckle to myself as I read about others setting theirs aflame and that the "secondaries" are just like LSD. All I get back is a look that says, "It's...a type of alcohol...hello!" Who gets you?
  17. You tried a few glasses neat? Hopefully you'll like a louched glass better.
  18. Nice choices! I haven't sampled them all but from the reviews I have seen they're all worthy of being first. My only advice would be to try each with and without sugar. I used to use sugar with all absinthes, if nothing other than to indulge myself in the ritual. Now, using sugar for me is a rarity, though there are still times when it's nice. The mood has to hit me. Enjoy!
  19. Nice! Good choice with VdF - it's one of my favorites and the absinthe that I always give to my friends who are interested in their first taste.