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  1. Welcome!!! You've come to the right place.
  2. Brian, that was a fantastic show! You were the epitome of wit and class and really represented absinthe well. With the host's style, I was ready for you to be put off-balance at any moment, but you bore the brunt - I was impressed! (EDIT: WBT said what I wanted to say but better)
  3. I've had mixed experiences introducing people to absinthe. When I got together with some old Navy buddies of mine for a reunion in Vegas, I had a bottle of VdF shipped to me. It went hugely well. I've said it before and I'll say it again: VdF may not be the top shelf of absinthes, but it's a good beginner absinthe that shows you all the good things that absinthe has the potential to be. When I travel, I generally Couch Surf and generally I know my host pretty well by the time that I show up. On my way down to Hot August Nights II a couple years ago, I couch surfed in Nashville and my host and his girlfriend were totally enamored by the sample bottle of Montmartre that I left with them. The scent alone put smiles on their faces. And the reviews I recieved the next week were superb. On my trip to Winnipeg this past year, I told the tale of absinthe and her rise and fall and had my host and a bunch of his friends pretty interested in the history alone. I'm not sure if they ever got around to buying any, but I think I laid a nice foundation for them and they won't be burning any Hill's anytime soon. My sister asked that I bring all of my absinthe gear over for her wedding reception last year. I explained to her what absinthe was, but I think she just heard what she wanted to because when it finally came time that I louched her a glass she looked me dead in the eye and with all seriousness said with a grimace, "This tastes like black licorice - I hate that." Wedding night or not, I'd just risked my precious fountain and glassware to bring one of my major interests/obsessions for her and her guests to share on this special day and she hated it even after I explained in graphic detail what it was made of and what it would likely taste like to her. I don't remember much of what I said, but I'm pretty sure that it started out with, "You've got to be kidding me!" I think one of us may have been switched at birth... And then I've gotten the never ending line of "Dude, I totally tripped this one time I drank half a bottle of it" and the like. If they're already making up tales they're not going to come clean and admit that they've never even tasted the stuff. They're lost causes in my book and any mention of what authentic absinthe is all about will be, at best, ignored. So I've run across all types and likely so will you, as you try to bring the wonders of absinthe into their lives...
  4. I'm amongst those who really do enjoy FG in the States. Plus I like the full liter availability. And, in my opinion, there is no better "my first absinthe" than VdF. It's uncomplicated, but shows you all of the things that a good absinthe should have (okay, maybe not the color so much). And just because I don't want to feel left out: 1) Edouard 2) Verte Suisse 3) Nouvelle Orleans 4) PF 1901
  5. Welcome aboard, steelcogito. Just reading this forum will set you in the right direction. Enjoy!
  6. That sucks. My apologies, sir. Let us know if the petroleum jelly thing works or what you work out with the vendor.
  7. Wait a second...you still have every bottle that you've ever owned??? What have you been doing with them - admiring them on a shelf instead of louching for the past year? I don't think that the WS can handle this kind of hit to our reputation and move that hyperlunch be banned before anyone notices their association with us. All in favor? In all seriousness, I look forward to your upcoming reviews!
  8. Oh, and congrats on the new fountain!!
  9. What you want to do is to unscrew the nut under the twisty thing so that the twisty thing comes out. It should look like a solid cylinder of metal with a hole through it. Twisting this in the spigot then allows alot or a little of water to go through that hole. To fix the problem use either a food-grade grease or even vegetable oil (what I've used on my fountain) and LIGHTLY swab that cylindrical part with it. A little, tiny, almost non-existant dab will do you. It'll help create a better seal that will deter leakage. Put it back in, tighten the nut back on tightly enough that it holds but doesn't make twisting the twisty thing difficult, and you should be in business.
  10. I think in the movie it's: Lestat: They're drunk? Claudia: On brandywine - a thimblefull.
  11. In defense of Baz's Moulin Rouge, I think the only part I didn't like was the flaming absinthe.
  12. Ugh! Reading that reminded me that my favorite glass - a non-antique cordon - is missing in action. I can't find it anywhere around the house, which is strange. It holds some sentimental value or I'd have already ordered another (or 2 or 3). Kind of like that couch that holds your perfect ass groove - there are many couches out there just like it, but this one has been your faithful companion...
  13. Not a bad article, plus they went to the right forum to get their info it seems... I do wonder about the fifteen minutes thing. I know that there's no other spirit that I'd spend 75 - 100+ dollars on and I think that's pretty standard for most people who walk into a liquor store. Will people be willing to pay the price for this quality of flavor or will they try it once for the novelty then go back to wine in a box? The Mansinthe review seemed unfair. I'm not a fan of it, but it does have some decent reviews.
  14. That's fantastic! When the Edouard hits US shelves I'll be even more ecstatic. Can you speak to price, Ted? Are we looking at $100+ for Jades in the US for all time?
  15. As much as I'd like to see as much real absinthe info out there, it's hard to blame Manson. His career is all about hardcore hype and his absinthe comments are nothing different. This is what people expect and that's what they get. This is how he makes a buck. For example, I checked out a cached La Fee page where his record company's spokesperson is quoted as saying, "He likes to drink half a bottle before going on stage to get in the mood for a performance." I don't know about anyone else, but I'm thinking that if I actually drank half a bottle of any actual absinthe that the only performance I would be able to put on would be mumbling incoherently and maybe drooling down my shirt. So just more hype. My only question is that if Manson is going to make even his absinthe into a hype thing why he went so far as to make it an authentic type of absinthe. Why not go for Hill's Mansinthe?
  16. I'll have to do some looking up. I wonder if the wormwood/thujone would help to kill intestinal parasites. I mean, in extremely high doses to humans it's a neurotoxin, but to these tiny parasites I wonder if it's an overdose level to the point where absinthe could actually assist in ridding oneself of the creatures. As a sushi-eater, such strange things occasionally cross my mind...
  17. The spirit pretty much disappeared for a greater portion of a century and was forgotten by many. Now we take part in the rediscovery of that history. We're like the frikkin' Indiana Joneses of mixology! And I'm always up for some field research.
  18. My apologies for missing this one, but better late than never!! I only hope that your party was as cool as only this nifty band Slough Dirge could describe: Happy birthday and many more!! LLV