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  1. La Fee really isn't bad for what it is.
  2. I could have sworn that XS was La Fee's shot version, so I looked it up and Ben was right (not that I doubted him - I just had that XS thing stuck in my head). I did find it funny that their Absinthe Francaise looks to have been given a fake (or incredibly premature) feuille morte look.
  3. I've added a bunch from Tales '08 and one from HAN2.
  4. How is this thread still going??? What, are you guys some kind of absinthe freaks or something?
  5. Good job with the recommendations, Brian!
  6. Thank you, Seeker - I shall always think of you when I use the crayon... Upon second reading, that sounds kinda lewd but I'll let it stay.
  7. I haven't had any urges to tell the neighborhood kids to get the hell off my lawn or to turn down that damn rock n' roll music, so I think I'm still okay for the moment.
  8. Give it a try and let us know.
  9. I think I may still have my last empty - I'll have to check. Thanks, Brian!
  10. I really need to get more in the loop - I wasn't even aware that there WERE three versions of Montmartre. I want to say that the version I've had must be number 1 (or maybe 3 - now I have to buy a bottle to figure it out!). The cinnamon was definitely a key-player in the taste and nose. Though it might not be a standard flavor, I like its contrast to the other absinthes that I might be tasting in a night. It has been a while since my last bottle (I do a rotation with my purchases), but it remains one of my favorites.
  11. Thank you all! Thank goodness I already have the motorcycle and the free-wheelin' lifestyle or somebody would accuse me of a mid-life crisis! With the exception of my hairline, I'm actually pretty good with the big 3-8.
  12. I now feel woefully inadequate with just cash and various cards in my wallet...
  13. At least you're enjoying the cheaper things in life voluntarily! I remember days of Stove Top stuffing, mac and cheese, baked beans, and canned tuna. Gosh I loved my college days.
  14. If you absolutely have to have OCD, Gypsy, I can think of worse versions than making sure you're prepared at every turn for an informed absinthe purchase...
  15. What, no King of Spirits Gold?????? Excellent order - let us know what you think of it after you've spent some quality time with your bottles.
  16. Why do I have visions of someone looking in your window followed by a police raid? Jules: "But sir, everything here is legal - we're just using it to make absinthe!" Officer of the Law: "Oh, that crap that makes you hallucinate? Interlace your fingers behind your head, please, ma'am..."
  17. Imagine the tiny axes that it would take to harvest the "wood" for those casks...
  18. I'm no authority on opium, but how much of it would you need to fill a whole barrel, much less the bunches that would have stored absinthe? Methinks that, if your friend really did hear it from NO's Absinthe Museum (I hope not!) that whoever told them was either trying to get a rise out of them or just uninformed themself.
  19. That's a new one. Everyone knows that absinthe was stored in wormwood barrels! (that's a joke, actually) Absinthe was banned mainly due to prohibitionist and French wine industry propaganda. Some bottom of the barrel absinthe producers using basically poison to color their absinthe certainly didn't help. Thus the ban. It seems everyone has their own "info" about absinthe. I remember nearly being bowled over when a well-educated friend of mine asked me about absinthe's opiate effects... The Wormwood Society FAQ is your friend...as are we.