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  1. Groovy. Welcome aboard. I have an RSS feed from your blog now and look forward to checking the rest of it out.
  2. Maybe I missed it, but does she ever say which absinthe she tried in Spain? She drank the François Guy on the show there. From the sound of her monologue as she was drinking it, she would definitely find these forums useful. I wonder if she'll take you up on the invitation...
  3. I'm big on giving credit where credit is due, so here goes... I recently decided that it was time to try a Jade, and when I checked the LdF web-site found that the Edouard was out of stock. So I Emailed their contact address and got a quick response letting me know that they were looking to get it back in stock this week, as well as answering other questions of mine on shipping. Today I got another Email from Ian at LdF letting me know that it was back in stock and ready to order online. Maybe that doesn't mean a lot to others, but my experiences ordering anything online are very transactional and not relationship oriented. Which is to say that they generally do what they have to do to get my money for that purchase and weren't concerned about future purchases. LdF, conversely, in this instance and in others has been the opposite, looking to keep me happy now and in the future instead of just in the "now" where I'm giving them the cash. I never thought that an online business would follow up with me like that (instead of the more standard forgetting all about me after answering my initial query). Sometimes it's the little things. From reading Shai'Hulud's post about the spoons earlier, it definitely seems that LdF is big on customer satisfaction and keeping a loyal following (which it appears that they have). So my hat's off to them - they'll get my business in the future. I LdF!
  4. I'm sure that you've heard it before, but in case you haven't definitely try a higher ratio of water if it tastes too strong. I've found that some absinthe is great at a 3:1 while others are best to me at a 4:1. And of course if you're drinking crap (Hills, et al) no amount of water will take the heat away... I've never tried Absente, but I'm sure that you'll prefer the real absinthes over it easily! And if you would like advice from one newbie to another, you might try my favorite right now which is Verte de Fougerolles. It also seems to be a recommendation for newbies by a decent portion of the more experienced absintheurs. It also happens to be very reasonably priced as absinthe goes.
  5. Damn you guys are good! Thanks again. I'll remember that search is my friend also in the future... :P
  6. So can you guys fill me in on how you know about the Berger and whatnot? We're reading the same forums, right?? :P Or is it just being in the community for a while?
  7. I'm just as new as you here, but figured that I'd throw out a "welcome" anyway. Welcome aboard!
  8. Cool - another face to go with the name. Slow but sure... Thanks, Absomphe!
  9. Did you guys catch this one? I walked in about halfway through the episode. Just started watching this show, so it's not on my DVR schedule yet. Anyhoo... The part I saw was of Bourdain in France, I think, being escorted around and filled in on absinthe history by a guy speaking English with a Canadian accent. Bourdain was obviously uninterested, but listened for the show. He's taken to some pub or another with a fountain where the Canadian makes him an absinthe. I forget his comments but he didn't care for it and wasn't too polite about it. The next part made me cry! The Canadian explains that he has a bottle of pre-ban and would like Bourdain to try some. So he pours a dose from a sample bottle into Bourdain's glass...it's almost a rust color (feuille morte, right?). Bourdain gulps it down and comments on the strength but generally blows it off and obviously doesn't realize the magnitude of what he just had. Then the next series of scenes is him explaining how after absinthe number nine he headed to the hotel and stood in front of the mirror saying "Absinthe" over and over for several minutes as they camera filter changed colors and did other odd "trippy" things. I couldn't watch it anymore so I turned it. I think they were veering away from the topic of absinthe anyway. The episode definitely didn't paint absinthe in a very good light at all, especially with the Bourdain trippin' ballz scene... I haven't seen this particular episode on since to see what I missed. Anyone else catch this one?
  10. A little late to comment on this one, but what the heck? I, too, am in the "Romantic" category with you. One of the many draws that absinthe has to me is the idea that I'm in some way connecting with a history that was nearly forgotten for almost a century. No, what we have today isn't quite what Wilde may have sipped but it's the idea behind it all that's appealing. I may be a newbie, but I take my absinthe seriously. On a day that I decide I'll have some absinthe I don't even drink anything but water. My taste-buds are still in the learning phase and thus far I can distinguish the anise and fennel in the absinthe, but not much more. I've even gone so far as to take advice given to me on the La Fee Verte forum and bought the various herbs (anise, star anise, fennel, hyssop...no wormwood, though) at the local herbal store and smell and taste them before tasting the absinthe to train myself to pick out the scents/flavors. I wait until a time in the evening when I'm sure I'll be undisturbed and I pour the absinthe for that evening into a Pontarlier or other absinthe-style glass (my collection is small but growing), get a fresh spoon out and go through the ritual. I sit fascinated as the oils come out of solution and the louche forms. And only after I've taken in the scent and sat down at my favorite spot in the front room do I have the first sip... In addition to everything reputable about absinthe that I could find on the internet, I also read Phil Baker's The Book of Absinthe to read about the history of the drink as well as the famous faces who imbibed way back in the Belle Epoche. Again, just the idea that we are somehow connecting with them as well as reviving and carrying on a tradition in their stead appeals to me. So, yes, I think I fall into the Romantic category. (By the way, also a HUGE Dune fan, ShaiHulud!)
  11. Greetings from The Green Lantern or, as my friends call me, Scott. I'm okay with my name being known. I'm mid-thirties and thankfully single. I was in the U.S. Navy as a Mandarin Chinese linguist in my younger day and have since been a college drop-out and now an IT type person. I'd heard the word absinthe here and there and one day searched the web and found...Logan Fils' site. Thankfully I did more research before I bought what I understand to be the bottom of the barrel (Logan, that is). I bought La Fee and found La Fee Verte's forum at about the same time. La Fee was a good starting spot for me. I did alot of reading and research which, of course, led me to the Wormwood Society's page. When I went to the forum I found the "This is a local shop for local people. There's nothing for you here" message and saw the by referral only message. You may find this funny, but when I saw that I said to myself that one day I'd be able to go into that forum...and here I am! :D Since La Fee, I've tasted VdF (my favorite), BdF, and a la bleue. I'm looking to move up to Jades as my next purchases. Definitely the Edouard and either VS or NO. Now that I've achieved one absinthe goal, I have made two others: 1) Meet Ted and shake his hand 2) Sample pre-ban French absinthe Are those dreams too big? Thanks for having me aboard, Hiram!