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  1. Ah, another La Fee first-timer - join the club! :P Welcome!
  2. Right now Derrick is thinking, "How far from Oregon to the Netherlands??" :P I have to say that the corset look IS tres sexy...but I still find myself cringing a little. Maybe it's sympathy pain or something.
  3. Welcome if I havn't already said so! Going by the rules of the forum, is it alright if I pass on part of your post (your website) to a friend of mine into (pun intended) corsets? Your site is pretty impressive.
  4. Former Navy here too - CTI...11 years ago. Also I'm a fan of both of the Fougerolles, the verte in particular, so give it a chance!
  5. Holy crap - that's a big order (at least by my standards)!! Party at your place??? :P Welcome aboard!!
  6. Welcome aboard! La Fee was my first also. You'll like where absinthe will take you from there!
  7. Oh, that hurt! (I had that one a-comin') :P Actually, my own first was La Fee...so I made it at least a couple steps above Czechsinthe. Belarmin is the first I've heard of who started on Jade, though. More power to him, I say!
  8. I think he needs to buy some King of Spirits to set himself even with the rest of us. :P
  9. Aloha and welcome aboard! Years ago I was the haole poster child on Oahu and miss the Islands. I'll live vicariously through you that one, if it's okay... :P
  10. Woohoo! The Flying Monkeys just brought my own bottle of Edouard (and VS) so I'll be sampling tonight! Let's hear it for the newbies!!! :P
  11. The Flying Monkeys arrived with my Edouard and VS today from LdF. Five days shipping total for anyone who's keeping up on their track record. Frikkin' amazing to me! Another reason to love Fridays... I'll be thinking of you guys tonight as I sample these beauties!
  12. Hopefully one day that slogan will be as obsolete as "Free Mandela!!"
  13. Alright, I Emailed Phil with a couple of my concerns about the new fountain. He responded promptly and quieted those worries so I went ahead and pre-ordered one of his fountains which will be available in October. The Libertine may be in my future sometime also, but I like the vintage look and the size of Phil's fountains too much to pass up. Thanks again for sending your recommendations my way, all!
  14. Aw, I was set on the Libertine and now I'm starting to consider Phil's fountains again. Decisions, decisions! Thanks for all of your input, guys!
  15. Welcome aboard! The Fougerolles combo is nice. It's the courier shipping that hurts when buying absinthe, so if it hasn't already been recommended, it's cheaper to buy two bottles instead of one when you figure in shipping. Courier shipping is worth it, though. So keep that in mind when ordering.
  16. Definitely check out the Wormwood Society articles, glossary, etc. Armed with that info, I'll be interested to see how your "Chasing the Green Fairy 2" will sound. These guys are the absinthe-masters and are glad to help, so feel free to answer questions. A nice group of newbies too, as I've found. So don't be shy on any account.
  17. I've checked those out (and they are fantastic-looking) but they're the ones I read reports on of leakage out of the box. I may just, though... Thank you!
  18. My order to LdF for a bottle of Edouard and a bottle of VS is off...and I'm already looking toward my next absinthe-related purchase. I think it's time I take the plunge and get a fountain. I've read the posts on building your own. Now whereas I'm good with my hands when it comes to PCs and women, building things is a completely foreign thing to me. I tried wood-shop in high school and at the end of the semester brought my teacher a dozen pieces of wood to grade instead of a magazine rack. So, let's just say that it would be best if I didn't use drill bits that can cut through glass... I also worry about posted reports about people who bought their fountain and then basically had to retrofit it so that it works (ie. no leaks, etc). I'm a little worried about that also, even with such small things as installing rubber gaskets and using grease on parts. You'd probably read about me dying of poison or the like, so that I'd like to avoid also...but I'd rather slight alterations to one than building one. So I've been searching and found this. It's a little smaller than I'd like but it has four taps and it just looks SO DAMN COOL! It's a Libertine Fountain on the Alandia site. Has anyone bought this one by any chance? Also, if you have other fountain recommendations I'd be glad to hear them!