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  1. That sucks. I'll be interested to hear a synopsis if anyone has the time...or it isn't too painful to remember and type. Oh well, you guys tried. There will be other shows - keep the faith!
  2. Woohoo! Thanks for everything, Hiram! Happy 1st, WS!
  3. MUST you drive the knife even deeper??? :P
  4. What is a Yoda? What is a YODA?? Please, please tell me you're kidding. I'd comment further but I've already derailed the thread more than I'd like. But...it's STAR WARS! Okay, in control. In...control. Geeked out a little too much there. Not everyone is a geek, Scott. Gotta keep that in mind. :P
  5. Episode III just came out on DVD today for all you fellow Star Wars freaks. So...Yoda. His lightsaber is green...absinthe (okay some) is green...coincidence? I think not! You KNOW he had a spoon clipped to the back of his belt! "Hmmm...*crinkles nose*...louche it does not. Like my urine does it smell. Czechsinth it must be."
  6. I would wager because they're looking for a place that will tell them what they want to hear.
  7. Well I unpacked it and everything was intact. I didn't christen it tonight but I did do a leak test and it passed. I'm pleased with what I got - Phil has lived up to his promises to me on all counts.
  8. You obviously haven't checked out THIS thread and the goodies on other forums that were turned up. Most of them seem to me to be college kids looking for the newest way to get high and want to come off as "connoisseurs" of absinthe. Yeah, right...
  9. And if I had to recommend a few it would be: Edouard Verte de Fougerolles The "clandestine" now offered on LdF (I've ordered it from elsewhere prior)
  10. It's a Netherlands thing you wouldn't understand... :P
  11. Welcome aboard! Tasting various types and varieties of absinthe is definitely my most expensive thing presently, but it's also pretty great. You don't have to spend a ton (like the Edouard, though I'd say that it is the best) to get a decent bottle. If you look at the cost of a bottle, that can hurt but if you break it down per drink you'll see that it's really not all that bad and on the lower spectrum in terms of cost are some very good selections. See Hiram's ARTICLE ON ABSINTHE COST for more on that. Note that his figures include shipping on one bottle. Buy two or three bottles in one order and that shipping part of the cost overall goes down. And, no, it's not about the thujone. If it was, we'd all be drinking King of Spirits Gold. And, as far as I know, that's not on a single member's preferred list here.
  12. Welcome aboard! I'm in the Milwaukee area - not so far from the urban jungle that is Chi-Town!
  13. You'd think that would be a no-brainer, wouldn't you? Thanks for pointing them in a better direction!
  14. The mailroom actually called me and said that a package arrived for me today. Lately, shopping on EBay for Christmas, I have several coming in from all over. They said it was big and the only "big" one I was expecting was from Singapore and there's no way that could have arrived. Hm...It's glassware you say? When did I order glassw- Holy crap, it's the fountain! I think I actually squealed like a little girl, but I'm not positive. I'll open it up tonight and let you guys know what's what. I may even have to christen it...I don't know. (Also, as Phil promised, 2 extra glasses are listed in the shipping records - you've gotta love him!)
  15. And now my new avatar, thanks to permission from Wild Bill! It rawks!
  16. I also ordered this fountain, but haven't gotten an Email letting me know it's on the way. I'll let you know how mine arrives, though I'd assume that the breakage was a fluke. I've worked with Phil before and he's always been very customer service oriented. In ordering the fountain I brought up how one in a set of six glasses had been broken when I'd got it from him but it wasn't through any fault of his. Regardless, he let me know that he'd be sending me not one but two glasses along with the fountain. I'd brought that up over my concern about a whole fragile fountain. He reassured me that if anything happened to it that he would replace it and that he made sure that all fountains being sent by him were tested for leakage.
  17. So as not to get too far off topic, I'll be wearing my brand new gear this weekend at my guy's weekend. The Wormwood Society will be represented. Not only are the images cool, but it's quality gear. Now veering off-topic a little with Oscar, my buddies (1 of three who has already tried my absinthe) were all for me bringing a couple choices with me this coming weekend. Hopefully soon I'll have another couple of enthusiasts to sample with!
  18. So I've been rotating through my absinthes to develop my palate and haven't been to my VdF or BdF for a while. Last night I tried the verte and then, to check, the blanche. I did about a 4:1 water to absinthe and the only way that I can describe it is...HARSH. The alcohol flavour came to the forefront and nothing about it was "soft" as I'd remembered it. No gentle tastes. It was frikkin' harsh! I got these bottles about three months ago now. I don't remember reading how they can go bad. At best, I've read here and elsewhere that absinthe either gets better with age or doesn't change at all. This stuff went bad! What's up with my Fou???
  19. Yes, didn't we tell you that there was a "Consoling Fee" for the forum chargeable in absinthe? You need to read that fine print, man! :P Seriously, glad to hear that everything turned out alright. Enjoy!