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  1. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Hiram!!!!! Hope that you smiled that big smile of yours yesterday!!
  2. Though I, too, love the touch of the wax seal, I generally receive mine kind of flaky and just scrape the seal off as best I can. Turn it upside-down if you have to in order to get rid of as much wax as you can. What you don't scrape off will fall down into the absinthe once your cork breaks. I've experienced the cork problem too - I just go all the way through the cork with the corkscrew and then replace it with one of the copious T-corks that I have sitting around. I gladly endure this for the Edouard and VS. ED: I like that hot knife idea!
  3. The funny thing is that it never occured to me that I could make my very own outside of New Orleans. Then one night I thought, "I could really go for a sazerac!" I went and reviewed Robert's video on making them, went to the liquor store, and shortly thereafter was in sazzy heaven!
  4. My girlfriend REALLY took to them while the others found it more unique than anything else. You must remember that Milwaukee is a beer town, not a cocktail town. It really is a shame - it's such a wonderful cocktail.
  5. Also, nice comment on the sazerac, Brooks. I've been introducing friends and family to sazeracs for the past few weeks now, using Marteau as the rinse, and it really does do the trick just as advertized.
  6. "I drink mine straight" never gets old...tiring, but never old. And what is this "Marteau" of which you speak in your comments, Brooks??
  7. I'm such a loser, I missed my own birthday thread. I suck. Thank you all for your well-wishes. It was, indeed, a great day!
  8. Welcome aboard! I'm glad that you found your way here. Vieux Carre is a very nice start - keep going!
  9. Do I see a St. Louis Green Hour coming about?
  10. Welcome aboard! Looking forward to trying your absinthe. I have to agree with Ron - you may want to either rethink the bottle color or make it more obvious on the label what type of absinthe the buyer is getting themself into. Looking at just the picture of the bottle, all I could think was, "Hills?" If I just saw it on a shelf or that pic on a web-site, I'd probably have passed it on by purely on reflex action.
  11. My experiences with valium were quite convincing - it certainly did what it was supposed to do in both (medical) circumstances. My only real hallucination experience came with deprivation, as was mentioned earlier. I decided to ride 1,000 miles in a day on my Harley to see if I could. Imagine focusing on nothing but the reflectors in the road on very dark, country freeway stretches for all of the nighttime hours. Every now and then I'd lose track of which reflectors represented what. Near the end, I had to gas up one last time and there was this sound of metal being shredded all around me and if I listened closely enough I could hear a voice trying to speak out of the mishmash of sounds. Sounded like a Transformer. So, yeah, that had nothing to do with any substances - I did it the old fashioned way. In hearing all the stories of hallucinations while drinking absinthe, I've always written them off as people trying to say what they thought was expected to be cool and part of the "in crowd" of absinthe culture. You know - the, "If you haven't tripped ballz on 'sinthe, you haven't had the real thing!" folks. I fell off my chair laughing reading about the guy who said a Native American ceremony popped up around him around a barrel fire. I think he also saw a truck-sized spider. I have seen no such things myself...
  12. I will someday own uranium absinthe glasses. They're on The List!
  13. My apologies for not getting back here faster - it's been a busy several days! I've never been to a distillery before and this one was a treat. I got to meet Guy, Ryan, and Doug and spend some time chatting and sampling. They're all great folks who are just hyped about being able to distill their own product and it rubbed off on me. Their vodkas and gin were delicious - and this comes from a guy who generally doesn't like gin. We also sampled their two absinthes - Amerique 1912 Verte and Amerique 1912 Rouge. In my opinion, they are good beginner absinthes but are not quite ready for prime-time. I'll give a review at a later date. I'm confident that new absintheurs aren't being "led astray" by the Ameriques - they are traditional-style and naturally-colored absinthes, they are tasty, and the facts about absinthe and how to serve it are taught at every turn (including a mini-pamphlet with every bottle and during the distillery tour). I'm looking forward to future versions of them as well. And thanks again to the folks at Great Lakes Distillery!
  14. Time can't go by fast enough - I'm looking forward to the visit!
  15. Looks like they're already affiliated with Binny's (as long as you're not in Wisconsin), but I'll definitely be asking about DUNY.
  16. I just got off of the phone with Doug MacKenzie, the Master Distiller at Great Lakes Distillery, and I have an invite to come down before the actual distillery tour and chat. I'm definitely looking forward to it. Then, later tomorrow night, there's a tasting at a nearby restaurant. It's going to be a good Friday!
  17. Thanks for the link, Derrick - I'm getting lazy. The "natural botanicals" on the rouge belay some of my concerns. Also good absinthe information on their homepage. And it looks like their distillery (or at least their business location) is right here downtown. Guess who's going for a visit?
  18. Looks like a Milwaukee-based distiller is getting going to be producing their own absinthe. Great Lakes Launching New Absinthe Liquors The article is brief and its absinthe information isn't bad. I'm not sure how I feel about my home town's selection. One of the two absinthes will be a "rouge"...
  19. Welcome to the site from another Wisconsin (Milwaukee) Scott!
  20. Welcome aboard! We'll make sure that AbsintheBen gets a gold star on his cubby for his good work!