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  1. Well . . . my experience is rather limited. My purchases have been from Alandia if that is any indication. So far, I have liked the Alandia 72 and Absente. I hope you will guide me in the right direction. Newbie, RAR
  2. Um . . .wow. I am not sure. That is why I posted this. If there are different tiers please tell me about it? Thanks for your promptness. RAR
  3. I am looking for your thoughts and opinions on whats next--whats next on my purchase. I am about out of what I am currently drinking and wish to plan my next, great, purchase. There are three qualities I am looking for in a bottle: a strong bitter with great body drink; A full bodied, complex absinthe; and a strong anise flavored drink. I don't know much about absinthe but wish to educate the lingual buds with a colorful array of opiate-like senses to spark awareness. If you think I should have a different approach--aside from bitter, herbal, and anise--let me know. And also, which site I can get all three bottles; buying from different sites won't be a problem, however. Remember, I'm a newbie RAR
  4. Not sure why even drink it; I feel as though I have too. I have bought some Strong 68 and it is the worse I have ever had. At this point, I am drinking it for the buzz. I have tried mixing it with coke, 7up, and five cubes of sugar with lots of water--so far, the latter was the best. I may even try it with a shot of honey the next time round. Maybe I can use it to clean my tools to dissolve grease. Now I know to stick with the good stuff. Unfortunately , I will have to wait until December to buy my next three bottles. So what have you done with that bad bottle of absinthe. Did you find a good mixer for it? Love to hear from ya'll.
  5. Yeah . . .you know. Those littles square cubes of sugar you see on those funny slotted spoons resting on the lips of a glass holding green watery substance whilst cold water pouring over it. I just like my stuff sweet. Is there anything in the shape of animal crackers or the letter "A"?
  6. I, too, am new here and have heard of this drink. So far the reviews sound encouraging. Your thumbnail is very small. Can you upload a larger one? From what I see, the package looks worth keeping. Is the box a LE or does it only come with large orders? BTW, was that an online order? I can't wait to order mine. Unfortunately, I will have to wait for the next quarter--our family budget only allows orders quarterly. Y'know, it's a wife thang!
  7. Per the suggestion of BROOKS, I am here to introduce myself. Well . . .Not sure were to start other than I live in wine country--Napa to be exact. I enjoy cycling 40 miles a day--down from what I used too back when I averaged 300 miles a week--around the valley; spending time with wife and son; visiting mom next town over; stressing at work working in a medical facility as a Lab tech; drinking merlot which is being replaced by the joy of Absinthe. So, instead of reading everyones previous post, "who . . . are . . . you?", to quote the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland. Any other Napkins here? Ane where is the next Bay Area Wormwood society meet? And now that I am here, where can I get some cool sugar cubes other than C&H? Love to hear from ya! Ruben
  8. I am new to the world of absinthe and I regret to say, I have succumbed to alandias marketing. Now I am on the quest for new tastes. Along this road I am looking for a/some drink(s) that has a full anise flavor and one that will anesthetized the palate, gums, and tongue. I used to, and still do, make tea with star of anis and licorice root--this was a great way to end the evening before retiring for the night. Ten years ago when I smoked clove cigarettes, the cloves would numb my lips and mouth--similar to what I am looking for in a drink. Has anyone have any suggestions?