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  1. No worries, Molly and Pen. Been a bit busy myself.
  2. Thanks all. Had to work for a few hours, but there is a there is an adult candy store behind the restaurant- so I took all my tips and aquired a few drops o' cheer. Then promply disposed of said drops while Skeet and I took in a movie.
  3. It does frighten me that I actually understood this!
  4. Although I find the ranting a little over the top, I do, to a certain degree, agree with Tbag. I find myself constantly correcting my daughter's (5) grammar. I want her to sound educated when she is an adult. This point has been brought home to me with an resounding bang this past few weeks... I am being trained at a new job, the person training me. He has a horrible attitude because the company refuses to promote him despite his incredible product knowledge. It is in large, due to this attitude- but I will not discount his lack of communication skills and his ability to sound as though his mother and sister could have been the same person. Nor can he read. It is frustrating to no end to work beside this man, especially since he has no desire to change....
  5. Mighty well preserved for 91, old man! Love ya sweety!
  6. Hey Grimmy! Framboise Lamic, what can I say? One of my favorites and it was on sale at the store.
  7. I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.
  8. Lindemans Frambiose. And don't call me Shirley.
  9. actually, Chai Cream, with black tea. Very smooth and warming; necessary right now, it's so bleeding cold tonight.
  10. New job. Very different from old.
  11. True it is hard to believe that some of us are still pathetic enough to have to computer surf. Kinda like couch surfing but a little more civilized. I lost mine in the divorce.
  12. Well I guess I should put my two cents in as well! HI ALL! glad to see all of you around here. I've been very busy lately and haven't had time to keep up with anything. Luckily I have Skeet to keep me abreast of all the news. I think things have calmed down enough that I should have some time here and there again
  13. goose


    I agree with Ari. A caption under a picture of us once claimed something about a fowl blood sucker I believe... I understand Hiram, I don't think I'll be dealing with it well then either... So long as it ain't mine Grey Boy!
  14. Several of you already know me from functions in the greater Seattle, Cheers to all of you. For those of you who don't, it might help to let you know my a.k.a. is Ms. Skeeter -Dater. I'm a native Washintonian that hails from a few miles North of Seattle. I'm in my mid 30's with one daughter. She will be starting kindergarten in a few days. This fact leaves me completely traumatized, as I swear I only had her yesterday. Speaking of Skeeters, I leave it fully on his shoulders that I started into Absinthe. Whilst I enjoy the drink, I have found that I enjoy the company more. I have never found a more eclectic, diversified group. It's wonderful. I am sure, eventually, I will have a chance to meet more of you face to face, until then Howdy!