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  1. On LeRoy's suggestion I went to Chicone's in Hudson. I hadn't been there before. I found Mansinthe and Kübler and came home with one of each. There was DUST on the Mansinthe, whereupon I inquired of the proprietor WTF??? He said since I expressed avid interest he'd ask his distributor to add more variety. I promised to move move more of his stock, so we've started and meaningful relationship. Sippin' away, what can i say?
  2. Hey, THANKS, LeRoy! I had never heard of Chicones. They have Kübler and Mansinthe! That means they will be having ME in there very soon also. I need to explore the area more and quit working all the time.
  3. Yeah, I know you're both right. I just grabbed it to try it, not knowing anything about it or what to expect. Hey man, I gotta buzz off it and it's Friday night, so what's not to 420 love? Seriously i prefer the authentic experience. I may never afford 100+ year old abs from dusty bottles, but I highly respect the opinions of the owners of palates who have been so supremely fortunate to have partaken of such exotic elixir. Like PF 1901.
  4. Absinthe Ordinaire is a Liqueur with artificial coloring that is made by Absente LLC, and imported by Crillion. I was given a bottle as a gift last year but thankfully returned it with a gift receipt and got some other stuff instead. Yeah well okay thanks. So what you're saying is you have no idea what it tastes like. I don't know anything about absinthe. I've only tried 20 different kinds or so.
  5. I've tried Meadow of Love and Walton Waters and I loved them both. Dakini really does a lovely job in her craft.
  6. I picked up a bottle of Saskatchewan Rye last time I was in Thunder Bay and I liked that a lot. Ever tried that?
  7. Absinthe Ordinaire. I stopped having the good stuff shipped from across The Pond. Too rich for my budget, so i settle for what's on the local shelves. I really do not care for Lucid at all. At least I convinced the local purveyor to get rid of the Absente. Today they just got in Absinthe Ordinaire. This one's not mentioned in The Reviews, so I just had to try it. I rather like it a lot. Good sweet - peppery pre-louche aroma and it retains that character post-louche. Nice opalescent bloom when the icewater goes in. i don't usually use sugar. The aftertaste is tingly and I can feel the oiliness of the botanicals, which I like. Have you tried it?
  8. Glenfiddich. Yowdamn. I just slammed another one.
  9. I have been sipping the last of the Mansinthe, followed by a few Pacifique, heading for the last of that amazing vessel. I am listening to Anoushka Shankar!!!!!!! All ya gotta do is go to her website and let it play as long as you want. Use the best headphones you can get. I have a pair of Sony MDR-CD180. They rock. Crank it up. http://www.anoushkashankar.com/_flash.php If you will do this, sipping the Absinthe of your choice, you will be transported. Have a nice trip. If not, then you have a head made of concrete.
  10. What am I drinking tonight? What is this, the Mr. Pibb Society? ABSINTHE, of course! Pacifique and Mansinthe. I'm a pig about the process, though. Crushed ice, add the green, fill with H2O. I wait until the ice melts before I knock it back. Sometimes. Heh. Oink.