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  1. Specifically noted were: La Clandestine Lucid Absinthe Nouvelle Orleans http://www.barnivore.com/liquor/861/Viridian-Spirits
  2. Lemon curd. Was meant to be set aside to bring to a friend's as my contribution to brunch. It's NOT going to last until Sunday...heck, midnight is even questionable.
  3. Welcome Why yes, there are actually quite a few of us in SoCal.
  4. Yes Yes Not familiar Yes My humbe $.02 Trid
  5. With 8X10 glossy photos with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back describing each?
  6. My particular favorite is the "my hearsay is truth, but if you contradict me, I won't believe you unless you show me your sources" guy.
  7. However it thrives if the sprouts escape the birds. However, the aphids are feasting now...as are the ladybugs. I hacked the stalks down before they went to seed and they're returning with a vengeance. I'm hoping the aphids don't do the same.
  8. Throw up a flare when you find yourself in Southern CA. I missed you on my whirlwind tour of CO.
  9. I thought that was just USPS...aren't the other monkeys less picky? ...or is it not up to the monkeys? Also...well done on the labels. Nice touch
  10. Purple Haze rocks...I don't care for goat cheese in general, but it was tasty. I got it for SWMBO 'cuz it just was just so "her." Fave color: Purple. Last name: "Hayes" and she loves goat cheese. Total win. Got a hunk o' Chimay Grand Cru at the same time. Nummy. Agreed with the Cambozola...it was my gateway drug to blues
  11. I had barbancourt for the first time in November on a cruise. There was only one bar on the ship that had it. Turned out it was somebody's private stash that got left behind so the bartender didn't bother charging me for it. Interestingly vegetal straight out of the bottle and became this rich vanilla after sitting for a short bit. Sidenote: The "bartender" was actually a Chilean kid who was promoted from waiting tables to working behind the bar with only a couple days' crash course on a scant few cocktails. We got friendly and I started talking about the bottles he had to work with: "this is crap, that's ok, so-and-so is orgasmic" and so on. He really lit up when I mentioned Pisco...I got a lot of really strong, inexpensive drinks from that point on. I also was able to save a couple ladies who, until that point, thought "rum" and "bacardi" were interchangeable. I wouldn't waste the barbancourt on them, but they did enjoy the pyrat
  12. Point Reyes bleu...nom nom nom Also, Shropshire Blue (nifty hybrid of cheddar and bleu) with a 20 year tawny port makes me all wibbly inside. Sadly, while in Spain, I went nuts in a deli and got all kinds of cheeses. One of my faves was one simply called "artisan." Little did I know of the weak American stomach and how it's not conditioned (generally) for un-pasteurized cheese. It had be bed-ridden for a whole day :( Tasty nonetheless, but next time, I'll have to work up to it gradually.