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    Sorry guys didnt mean to be so snappy, when i say i searched the site, i didnt actually do a search, didnt even see a search on it. I just looked back the last few pages on each topic and read what sparked my attention. Ive been to so many different forums and each one says different things about the effects. Im gonna place an oder on Monday from http://www.absintheonline.com/, Im gonna oder Verte Suisse Amer, PF 1901, n.o.
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    Then you knew that absinthe has no effects and knew that before posting your query about effects? Why be an ass for the sake of being an ass? From seaching the site i never found any information on effects, rather it be true or not, never saw anything that explained the rumors of it. With saying that, i read theFAQ after suggested. At that time my questions were answered.
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    I searched a read a lot from the site about a week b4 i signed up. Ive read theFAQ, and it pretty much answered all my questions. Im about to order a few bottles and was wondering about prices, i see that the average bottle is around 50 dollars. but why are some in the 200 range? like logan fils (sp??)
  4. Im new to the site. I have never tried absinthe and am very curious about it. What are the real effects i should expect to experience? What is the best, and where are the best places to get it. Keith