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  1. mine isn't much.. just made it on a dare from my engineering team.. no spammers yet! http://myspace.com/widgetgrrl - Linda
  2. Indeed, It killed me to work all afternoon with 2 bottles in my backpack! I am happy to be home now! -Linda
  3. Hi from the Portland Oregon area! I am Linda, aka fée époussetée (fairy dusted for the language challenged). I admit I have been lurking... snooping through your threads and postings like a burgler peeking into your dresser drawers! By profession I am a yahoo. I provide support for this large Y! shaped web presence. Its a nice job, they let me websurf while I work and they sign for my absinthe shipments for me. I have read a lot of info online about absinthe recently and have joined a forum, but the other pale in comparison to what I have learned here and the delightful communication that I have witnessed in the membership of WS. Thank you kindly for letting me join you. - Linda