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  1. The Geniune Zip Lock Trailer-Park Absinthe Dripper Necessity can be a mother.. while you wait for your fountain there are many handy tools around the house that can substitute for an absinthe dripper atop your glass. Mine happens to be a Zip Lock... how Trailer Park can one get! - Linda
  2. he had the basic idea, I only had to tell him not to burn it.
  3. Yes, he did.. he likes it and said next time I have a shipment held at PDX to let him know.. he can go rescue it on time for me.
  4. After waiting 6 days to get a 3 day shipment of Lucid I learned my UPS driver fell and injured his back today. He arrived at my door sans truck.. with my package at 7:30 pm I invited him in for a drink. I bet my absinthe arrives on time next time I have ordered the Balance.
  5. Hillsboro Oregon (but longing for Seattle again) - Linda
  6. oh.. my bad.. been shipping out eBay items.. I guess I started to hit USPS oops.. I meant to type "UPS" (not the ones that keep your computer running in blackouts) I'll make sure that I wash the bottle well before opening The champagne is a nice Spanish Cava.. quite right for a summer evening. I am blessed to have a very nice wine shop a half block from home.
  7. I am having a quiet weekend. I ordered more Lucid from drinkupny last Tuesday. It shipped on Wednesday and USP is sitting in the shipment until Tuesday. (so much for 3 day delivery) I am an unhappy (and sober) camper. (guess its a champagne night for me)
  8. I always wondered where paisley came from :D
  9. Thank you all so much for the kind words and welcome. It's quite refreshing to run across a group of people online that are actually welcoming and polite! I salute you all! -Linda (enjoying a tasty pre-ban tonight.. its so nice to have friends that like surprises)
  10. Hi Trid, Welcome! I've only seen a little spillage.. but I havn't been here long...
  11. Welcome, Fever! We definately need to connect you and Poor to comething nice to sip! - Linda
  12. This is 2nd day air shipping. They are consistant and pleasant to deal with. (they actually shipped my first order on faith and then called for my credit card number)
  13. I had never considered the undead in this light before! Happy Unbirthday to Us!
  14. tonight will be a nice pork tenderloin with a cajun-apricot glaze, accompanied by risotto and steamed broccoli. as this is my friday.. and its been a LONG week.. I am endulging myself in Lucid until I cant anymore. Salute!! (yeah... Lucid is quite fine for moments such as these)
  15. a couple of months, but I promise I won't tell anyone what is stashed in them
  16. Keith... Welcome, Pull up a glass and stay a while! - Linda
  17. ok.. your myspace tune got me...! I am ringing your doorbell! ;-) (oh well! ) - Linda
  18. And a big "Welcome" from the sugar free Pacific NW too!
  19. Ahhh.. sometimes its not so lucky.. when they release things ahead of schedule and don't tell support. I received a very nice Edouard.. (I guess 2 of them) I had a nice evening Thanks everyone for the wonderful welcome! - Linda