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  1. Hello Luna, Welcome to the forums. Very impressive first order,,, enjoy!
  2. Tonight I am casually sipping a vintage Virgin Absinthe... its quite similar to a Virgin Mary... Nice spring water, no absinthe (the louche is quite umm... transparent however )
  3. Hi Ben!! Hope you find your stay a long and pleasant one...
  4. is it just me... or does "seborabsinth" sound like the name of a scalp disorder? (being moderately deranged at work today... vacation in a week)
  5. Tonight is for Edouard... Listening to Safri Duo while I wait for the louche...
  6. Very well done Trid, What lady coudnt say YES to such a thoughtful and talented gentleman Congrats!
  7. I'm sitting here at work already planning my evening of drinking.. perhaps it should start at noon! raspberry liqueur sounds delightful!
  8. I always have preferred my domains with no accent, thanks all the same. I paid 2.99 for thoughtwave.org and 2.99 for thedyslexiceye.com. (I'm lucky.. my hosting is free as a Yahoo! employee) $7500 is most definately out of any realistic range.
  9. Target has a nice selection of storage systems that are not what I would call disposable (some of them even resemble clear glass)!
  10. Hey Trid, Thanks! I see a trek to IKEA coming up tomorrow! (Portland just got one last month) I am making my own fountain. just awaiting the arrival of the jar part. I have the spigots already.
  11. I'm not really cheap.. just grossly underpaid.