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  1. I am Lucid tonight... its been a long week and I dont care!
  2. I will be traveling to visit my daughter in Seattle soon. Is there a place that you can recommend that makes a quality Sazerac that I can take her?
  3. tonight is the last of the Kübler, I guess I need more. Its not overbearing and I can think about the coming storm a little (read "not a lot" here) better that I can with other varieties. Lucid is much better with a bit of time behind it. So I try and wait. While I might prefer 1901 and Edouard.. I do not pefer paying more in shipping than I do for the shipment itself I want to try something red. Any recommendations??
  4. wow.. that made me glad to be a lady! ok.. special occasions.. I am celebrating getting off work on 11/25 this evening.. With a glass of Kübler! (ya know.. we could have blanche smilies too )
  5. Kübler 53 here.. 2 or 3 of them while I try picking the turkey clean and packaging it... I suspect I am trying to kill knee pain. I will never shop black friday again; but the shopping is done.. maybe one more.. while I play with my new iPhone
  6. I'm with T73! something green something white dinner.. uhh.. whats that? we had turkey dinner at work today.. Yahoo! style.. I'm still stuffed.
  7. well done Poor! last night around the same time.. I too succumbed to the pull of those green eyes... not really needing to open the bottle as I have a K53 that was already open.. but still I did. my cats run from it too, but thats ok.. I dont want their hair in my glass!
  8. Nice find! My order is placed.. I sure hope that the price stayes fixed.. Oregon has a tax kicker that is slated to arrive in a few weeks, this would be perfect timing to buy a case! Poor, do you have a paypal card? Thats how I do all my online purchases.
  9. A VERY Happy Birthday to you T73! I salute you!
  10. K53 for me tonight, I have to work at 7 am tomorrow. a martini sounds good..
  11. I can't say the same.. I hail from the Seattle/Tacoma area. I suppose its all the same though, we are all born with webbed toes!
  12. I did the very same I was only able to contact one user before ebay blocked my contact abilities. Oh well!
  13. They say that there is a sucker born every minute they must all bid on ebay I guess. $81 plus 30 for the shipping that we get free for our $61.99 bottles
  14. it was an aperitif.. but the flavor lingered to the meal.. the first bite was a shock! I cant see drinking absinthe while eating anything it would spoil the flavors. (dinner wine was a nice syrah)
  15. the bars do look wonderful, but I had issuse with paying that much shipping for candy bars.
  16. Tonight.. at long last.. Kübler 53. I like it.. I like the louche.. the smells.. the taste (but it really tastes strange with my spaghetti!) Salute!!
  17. Order placed... thank the powers that be for PayPal sometimes. They allow you to order on the evening before your paycheck gets deposited to the bank My delivery guy will have a brown truck.. and hopefully arrive friday..... when I am home! I am looking forward to numbing my tongue.
  18. Hi Liam! Glad you came out of hiding and introduced yourself!
  19. I am kind of in the same boat right now. I have started doing "Pay per post" blogging to create an Absinthe fund. As long as I keep up what I am doing now I will have around $500 a month for my favorite beverage.
  20. I have a couple of co-workers that moved ot Oregon from Cali when Yahoo! brought Customer Care north. They have spoken very highly of this place, and their distillations. I may have to take a roadtrip south