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  1. Sipping Pacifique tonight.. tis a bit o' the green ;-)
  2. I sat all day at work with a lovely bottle of Pacifique (my first taste of it) After pouring a few ozs for a coworker into a bottle I caught my bus home... chatted with Al Gore on the phone .. and arrived home First experience here is killer! The louche is rivaled only by the sun setting through the gentle snow that is falling on Santa Fe right now. I had heard about the opalescent bit.. but never seen it quite like this! its party time!
  3. ok, it arrived today, complete with its own little dripper top hehe, happy birthday to me!! (2 glasses in gift.. no absinthe though... I need a second job)
  4. This sounds like something that we need to plan!! I go to ABQ a lot too!
  5. I have to put this into the "Making do" classification. This time the dripper is a strainer with a little flower pot sleeve holding the water. turning Santa Fe into my personal Green Hour! Linda (New glasses scheduled to arrive Tuesday)
  6. tonight is Lucid, its all they had at my neighborhood liquor store.. I guess its time to mail order... providing I can get the apartment rental office to sign for it... I work for the state now.. they won't accept liquor shipments for me! Perhaps Mr Stone should visit Santa Fe and show them what is available ;-)
  7. finishing up my bottle of Trillium. Bought it for my move to Santa Fe.. new roomie likes it a lot, and it talking about placing a big mail order.. I'm not sure what is actually for sale here yet.
  8. tonight.. just a little Provocateur.... perhaps the best pinot noir I have ever had.. pity they only made 537 cases worth. it is great alone.. or combined with a nice Vicodan makes an excellent painkiller for those that just had toe bone surgery. (last friday)
  9. I'm sittin here at work grinning that Yahoo! put the link on the portal page! I guess its ok working here now Its just a matter of time and Absinthe will be mainstream. (who knows, maybe it will even be available in Oregon by then too)
  10. tonight I drink vintage H2O, but only 2 more paychecks till debt free! (then I start over... and can afford that international shipping).
  11. "... You pour it slowly over a sugar cube and add water to cut the bitterness and the strength" wow.. according to Playboy I have been doing it all wrong! I've been pouring the water over the sugar cube!