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  1. Saw this on my way home from work yesterday: Surprised they spent this kind of money. Wondering if there's an upcoming media blitz for the fall season.
  2. A belated thanks for all the help. I ended up going to the Zig Zag my first day there. Loved it so much I went every night I was there (6 nights in a row). Great staff, great vibe from the bar as a whole, including the fellow patrons at the bar. I would truly go back to Seattle just to hang out here again. Oh, and a decent selection of absinthe. I finally tried St. George and have now found "my absinthe". From now on I won't be chasing the fairy, I'll be following the monkey...
  3. Did you get any responses? I'll be in town (staying at the Westin) in July. Any recommendations for places to go for a mid 30's retired punk rocker who listens to a lot of jazz these days? Up for absinthe/cocktails, record stores, "cool" book stores, restaurants, etc. Thanks in advance.
  4. I can't seem to find the "absinthe around the world" post, but the "Absinthe in US: What's Available Where?" post seems to be mostly mailorder info. Figured this would be a more convenient way for people in NJ to communicate what is where in the brick and mortar sense. If this isn't OK (can't see why it wouldn't be), let me know and I'll post only in those posts. I was thinking of this being more of a post where people don't really comment per se, but just list local liquor stores that carry absinthe making it easier for those in NJ to find some legit Absinthe. I could then compile the list and post it all in those other posts. ***Edit*** Found the "Absinthe In Cities Around the World" post (thanks Phoenix). Didn't think of posting there because it said Cities. If you think this should be there, let me know, and I'll put it there.
  5. Figured we could all help each other out and make it easier to find Absinthe in our state. So I'll start the list: Actually what I'll do now is compile the list here from what everyone posts. Eventually I'll break it down by North, Central, and South Jersey. I'll then add to the "Absinthe in US: What's Available Where?" post (maybe once a week). Canals Liquors (Hamilton Market Place - Hamilton, NJ) Pernod aux Plantes d'Absinthe Superieure Wegmens Wine & Spirits (Rte. 1 South, Princeton, NJ) Lucid Absinthe Superieure Pernod aux Plantes d'Absinthe Superieure Windsor Wines & Spirits (Rte. 130 South, East Windsor, NJ) Lucid Absinthe Superieure Monster Beverage Corporation (1299 Delsea Dr N # C, Glassboro, NJ) Kübler Absinthe Superieure Canal's Discount Liquor Mart (2031 N Black Horse Pike, Williamstown, NJ) Kübler Absinthe Superieure Lucid Absinthe Superieure Shopper’s Vineyard (875 Bloomfield Avenue, Clifton, NJ) Grande Absente Absinthe Kübler Absinthe Superieure Lucid Absinthe Superieure Mata Hari Absinthe Bohemian Mythe Absinthe Traditional Pernod aux Plantes d'Absinthe Superieure St. George Absinthe Verte
  6. Hi. Where in South Jersey do you live?
  7. Thanks for responding. I wasn't aware of the legal issues. In other forums that I've been involved with (razors, cigars, etc.) I've sent people samples to try and vice versa. I'll be ponying up some cash soon to pick up a bottle of the St. George, so maybe I can trade that way. I was wondering why there were no responses, and now I know. Now so you can get to know me a little better: I'm definitely both an asshole and a gentleman, depending on the situation, time, and company I'm with. I pet puppies, don't kick them. I like my ahi seared lightly. Also, I have some different liquor (especially rum/rhum/ron) essential oils at the house, that I'd be willing to trade. Thanks for the time to help the new guy. Junior
  8. Hello All. Looking to broaden my horizons from just Lucid and Kübler. Looking for Samples of St Georges, any of the Jades, and any that you may recommend. Willing to pay for sample, postage, container, etc. Anyone interested? Junior
  9. I'm new to the absinthe world. Have been lurking for a while. I've tried Lucid and Kübler thus far. This is stolen from my Myspace profile: About Me I'm a punk rock kid who used to care about "the scene", but now I fucking hate it all. I hate 20 year old rich kids who've been sleeved since they were 18. I hate how "pop music" is now considered punk rock. I hate how hardcore has become some kind of weird suburban fashion show, where kids exclude and ridicule those who don't dress like chicks. What the fuck happened, and how did it become this? What happened to the days of psychotic poor and working class kids fucking shit up because they had nothing else in the world? Now I just hang out with my wife and a few friends, and spend my free time watching soccer (NY/NJ Redbulls/West Ham United) & mixed martial arts; listening mainly to Tom Waits, jazz & spoken word/poetry; collecting cheap jazz LP's; getting tattooed; playing poker; drinking absinthe & champagne/sparkling wine; and reading any number of books. Interests (in no particular order) West Ham United, Redbulls, jazz, punk, hardcore, country (old, new, and everything in between, just not that pop shit they call country), oi!, tattoos, absinthe, champagne/sparkling wine, bourbon, whisky, single malt scotch, cigars, beer, porn... Music (in no particular order) Tom Waits, Misfits, Sheer Terror, Niblick Henbane, Suicidal Tendencies, Billy Bragg, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Dizzy, Miles Davis, Charlie Mingus, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Albert Ayler, Ornette Coleman, Johnny Griffin, Max Roach, David Allan Coe, Agnostic Front, Breakdown, Heidnik Stew, The Smiths, Supersuckers, Rancid, The Bruisers, Dropkick Murphys, Faith No More, Alanis Morissette, Hot Water Music, Ex Number 5, The Gallows...
  10. Doesn't make sense to me either. I mean I'm drinking a 120 proof alcohol in a glass of champagne, but not slurring, tired, etc. Just doesn't make any sense at all. Maybe one of the herbs they put in is Yerba mate? hahahah. It doesn't make sense, but it has that effect on me, and I went in a skeptic.
  11. Just a followup. I had some more Lucid Absinthe this weekend. Had about 4 Death in the Afternoon cocktails, and it's official, you get an amazing kind of clarity with this. I was definately buzzed with a warm feeling in my body, but my thoughts and actions were completely sober. It's so hard to explain, but this is what I was always looking for. Try it for yourself.
  12. So I was just wondering if there are any other liquors that produce the secondary effects of Absinthe (eg. clear headed drunk)? Anyone familiar with any?
  13. I've got to agree with you here. Even though I have yet to taste other high quality Absinthes, I doubt they will ever be in my regular drinking rituals due to the sheer cost. The truth is most of America probably wouldn't. There's a lot more Johnny Walker red and black sold than Johnny Walker blue. And when you look at the "lower quality" Lucid, it still isn't cheap at $60 a bottle, I think it was absolutely a sound and smart business decision to create and put out Lucid, since people have been saying it's at least OK when compared to the more expensive brands. I haven't heard (actually read) that many people HATE it, most reviews seem to be positive. So most people are gonna step back and pay an already high price (relatively speaking) for the Lucid and get a decent product. I know for myself, I could never justify to myself buying a $120+ of Absinthe, especially since I know I don't have a refined palate. I'm also not one that sits back and studies what I drink (and smoke when it comes to cigars, which I've been smoking for a very long time), either it's good or it's not. Yes there are nuances, but for me if I like it I consume it, if I don't I won't. And I don't ever think I'll be able to truly discern enough of a difference in taste to justify paying twice to three times as much for something else. I enjoy Jack Daniels, but usually buy Woodford Reserve. I can taste a difference, like one a little more than the other, and the additional amount that I pay for the Woodford I think is worth it. Now if Woodford was $60 a bottle, I wouldn't really be buying it all that much. Ok I'm done.