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  1. I just had the U.S. version of N-O. Any questions I had about this version differing from the European one have been erased. It's just as delicious as I remember it being. I know there were some questions about Ted needing to tweak something in order for it to abide by the U.S. porkchop requirements. Well if he did, this nose and palate can't pick it up. I'm just realizing how virtually impossible it is to over water this stuff. I prefer my drinks stronger than most, but I made it a point to see how far I could push this stuff before it fell apart, because before I had always just drunk it close to 3:1. I just had a glass at about 4.5:1 and it's delicious. For every note that becomes muted as you water it, another becomes more pronounced. It's like it just evolves. The dilemma I face now is that I don't know which ratio I like it best at. I couldn't push it any further because I poured a healthy dose and my glass couldn't hold any more. Next time I'll pour a smaller dose and try 5:1+. It's hard for me to rationalize dropping $111 on this stuff, but at the same time it's going to be hard for me not to because I just want to "drink the shit out of it". Lance knows what I'm talking about.
  2. I'm partial to the pure rice sake's myself. I've tried several daiginjo's and I just think the citrus and floral notes obfuscate the soul of the drink, which to me is the rice. So I'd prefer the "Mirror of Truth" over the ones you mentioned from DUNY. Different strokes for different folks. I've also yet to meet a sake that I preferred heated over chilled.
  3. I think you misunderstood me, and I don't want this thread to devolve into a debate about who can drink who under the table. I believe the local WS chapter can attest that I'm not a lightweight. It takes more than 2 drinks for me to get drunk too, but when I feel "secondaries" I feel them almost immediately (after a few sips). After 2 drinks it is replaced by a normal alcohol "buzz" (not drunkeness, mind you). I've never drank enough absinthe to get drunk, although two gatherings ago I was quite buzzed. In fact I don't drink any spirit with the intention of getting drunk anymore. It's always a social thing. Though on Mead Day, it ends up happening.
  4. For me it's the opposite. After drinking more than 2 glasses I just start feeling the alcohol, just as I would with any spirit. I do notice a unique effect with some brands, but not most. It hits me before I finish the 1'st glass and is gone by the time I finish the 2'nd one. It seems to help to sip it slowly. I personally have never experienced the "clear headed buzz" described by many. It doesn't make me more articulate or creative. After several glasses I'm just as inebriated as I would be off any spirit. It's funny how OMG Bill points out "a smile" as an effect. I often get a subtle sense of well being. When I'm outside on a nice day, the sun feels exceptionally nice on my shoulders after a few sips. Then again, the same could be said of Mead.
  5. Had several delicious HG's last night and a very promising Genepi Liquor with good people. Tonight... water.
  6. Yes, I have the feeling that once Pacifique & Walton Waters are available the Eddie & VdF will be goners. Then again, as they say in sports, "that's why they play the games".
  7. Not feeling so hot today. A lot of water with a bit of Gatorade mixed in. A hot mug of Green Tea at some point. I think I may just save my liver for the 28'th.
  8. Gotta stay current: 1. Belle Amie #1 2. Jade Nouvelle-Orleans 3. L'Italienne 4. La Coquette 5. Belle Amie #2 6. Marteau (Matter) 7. Roquette 1797 8. Vieux Carre 9. Jade Edouard 10. Verte de Fougerolles I think I might be guilty of over-rating the brands I've most recently had, because it's so fresh in the mind. For instance I wonder if #5 would still be #5 if I revisited 6 and 7 again? Or then again, would #8 surpass them both if I did? Anyhow, I'm sticking with this, for now...
  9. The version 1.0 belle Amie is one absinthe that definitely does not improve with age. Good, now I don't feel as bad about annihilating my bottles so quickly. Nice rundown OMG. The only thing I remember differently is that I thought this batch (#2) had a creamier mouth feel. Of course I'm not having them side by side though. All I can do is smell a bottle that's now been empty for over a year, and it still smells wonderful, better than my almost full bottle of batch 2. As soon as I sniffed it I remembered how much different it was than this batch. I could almost taste it again. Funny how those olfactory senses can spark nostalgia like that. To me, this batch is an entirely different product. In the reviews section is batch #2 going to be listed as a separate product, or the same? If the latter is true, it could create a lot of confusion. I know that my reviews of the two would be night and day.
  10. I like them both quite a bit, but I happen to think this batch is a regression. That wonderful aroma from batch 1 was lost in translation somehow.
  11. I too have learned to enjoy my absinthe as it warms up. I don't like it to get to the point where it's tepid, but a good 10-15 minutes after it's been sitting there it's optimal for my taste.
  12. I just feel that more was lost in the process than was gained. I don't want to sound like I'm coming down too hard on the stuff, as it is probably (after further review) my 5'th favorite commercial absinthe. I just loved the first batch so much that I would have just as soon had another one of them, unchanged.
  13. Precenphix is a man that knows good music. I have most of the stuff you just mentioned. I'm in the mood for some synth or Electronica. Maybe The Polish Ambassador or Astral Projection. Or perhaps some Lusine ICL that a good friend recommended.
  14. The N-O isn't similar to the Leopold Bros. at all in terms of taste and actual characteristics of the drink. In fact I haven't had anything similar to the N-O. I mean it's just similar in the level of quality. I'd say the same thing about about the VP, VC, and Obsello, even though I don't care for it. They all seem to be well crafted, quality offerings. That's why I no longer think it's feasible to charge that much more for the Jades. There's so much hooch out there now of comparable quality for half the price. But like OMG said... it's worth whatever people are willing to pay for it. If the demand is there, then there's no reason to lower the price.