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  1. I have been there many times. I remember when Ted gave them a bottle of Nouvelle-Orléans they displayed it for years. Walk in now and there is no Nouvelle-Orléans but three bottles of crap. The Sebor has about one or two servings left, La Fee unopened and the Logan Filth is unopened. I was told personally, about a year ago, from Ted, to simply ask for the better stuff and they will certainly serve you. Knowing this, I went in and asked nicely. They were not busy. The bartender was one I had seen many times before. I am nearly 40 and dressed well - not some college kid stumbling in. They only sell Absente - no absinthe at all. ALL this aside - I feel Ted could wake their ass up and explain 1. DO NOT LIGHT IT ON FIRE and 2. It is now legal, order some bottles and start selling it - it is the 200 year anniversary of the bar afterall. When I was living in Nola, you could ship anything in. It's one of the most relaxed cities in America. They can pretty much do whatever the hell they want. Which bar is serving the Jades? Down on Pir. Alley?
  2. Maybe someone can help me with this. Had a single A.a. growing and back in July I harvested the main stem/flowers. I was letting the rest of it go to seed. Here it is about 6 weeks later, flowers are dark and might be producing seeds but now I have tons of new growth on the bottom couple of feet. Anyone else ever see this?
  3. TED! FOR ONCE - WE ACTUALLY NEED YOU!!! Here's the scenario I encountered: read every detail about the latest Tales of the Cocktail, read about everyones great visit to New Orleans and the ability to buy real absinthe. So - I go directly to the Old Absinthe House. Things start to look bad when all I see is a near empty bottle of Sebor, unopened bottle of La Fee, and a bottle of Logan Filth So, as I've done a number of times in New Orleans - I put a $20 o the bar and kindly ask the girl (smoking a cigar) if she could a bottle under the counter of real absinthe. Here's where I start to get pissed off. She not only tells me they have some Lucid but tells me they can't serve it because absinthe and "thuJohn" is illegal. I politely explain that it is no longer illegal and can be ordered from many places in New York. She now spouts out how it is still illegal and that no one can serve it. I mention that I personally know Ted Breaux and he's told me that you just have to ask for it. She says how nice he is when he comes in. I mention that he told me to stop by to try the Lucid. She shakes her head "no". So, I mention "there goes the big tip" with a smile - I figure one last shot at it. She says "sorry". I order an Abita Amber and drop the subject. TED - can you wake their asses up and tell them they can serve it. Bring in a copy of something legal looking and show them? And also, your bottle of Jade is no longer on display there. And - here's another kicker - it's the Old Absinthe House's 200 year anniversary, absinthe is legal - AND THEY AREN'T SERVING IT ?!?!?!?