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  1. No longer absinthe in Hub Long-banned nectar flows once again in Boston bars By Dave Wedge | Monday, November 12, 2007 | http://www.bostonherald.com | Local Coverage Photo Photo by John Wilcox After nearly a century of being banned in the United States, restrictions on absinthe - a supposedly mind-altering alcoholic potion touted by artists from Oscar Wilde to Marilyn Manson - have been lifted and the mystical liquid is flowing freely at Hub hotspots. Several Hub bars are already serving up the mysterious nectar, which was strictly prohibited in the United States until Swiss absinthe maker Kübler won federal approval earlier this year. “For many, many years the government just said, ‘No, you can’t do this.’ But they never had very good reasons for saying no,” said Washington, D.C.-based attorney Robert Lehrman, who represented Kübler in its successful fight against the Department of the Treasury’s Tax and Trade Bureau. “There seems to be a worldwide movement away from treating this like a witch or a superstition toward some sort of normalization of the law around absinthe,” Lehrman added. While some reports suggest that the feds only approved a tamed-down version of the storied drink, importer Lyons Brown says the Kübler brand now on the shelves of Hub bars and liquor stores is “the real thing.” “This is a fourth generation Kübler making this and it’s exactly the same formula that his grandfather introduced in 1863,” Brown said of maker Yves Kübler. “They did not want to compromise any aspects of the formula.” Containing more than 60 percent alcohol, the controversy stems from one of the beverage’s active ingredients - Artemisia absinthium, or wormwood. More specifically, thujone, a chemical in wormwood, is said to have psychedelic qualities. The current federal approval mandates that absinthe have “zero” thujone, although the definition of zero actually allows less than less than 10 parts per million. Kübler has nine parts thujone per million. “It’s barely measurable but the same as the original formula,” Brown says. Imported absinthe was banned by the U.S. Agriculture Department in 1912 after other countries instituted prohibitions. The bans followed an allegedly absinthe-fueled 1906 killing spree in Switzerland. Laws in Europe began to change back in the 1990s and the Swiss government legalized it in 2004. Kübler began its United States fight in 2003 and received formal federal approval in May. Importing began a few weeks ago with Boston as one of the test cities, along with New York and Las Vegas. “We’re reintroducing a category with all this mystique that hasn’t been present in the U.S. in almost 100 years,” Brown said. “And it’s suddenly now legal and available. There’s a lot of curiosity.” Devin Adams, bar manager at Lucca’s in the North End, has been experimenting with absinthe cocktails and says the drink is an intriguing “novelty.” Among the popular concoctions is a champagne and absinthe mix that was novelist Ernest Hemingway’s drink of choice. “We’re having a little bit of fun with it,” Adams said. “It’s an acquired taste. Hopefully, we’ll make some cool cocktails with it and see where it goes.” Kübler distiller Peter Karl, in a phone interview from the Swiss Alps where the liquor is made, said the U.S. approval has the small plant running around the clock. Karl was in Boston last week to launch the American market push and said he was “very impressed with the knowledge in Boston.” “It seems to be a city for the absinthe elite,” he said. Article URL: http://www.bostonherald.com/news/regional/...ticleid=1044126
  2. Hey there Linda, Welcome! There are some well versed folks in here...it is a great place to learn and relax...enjoy
  3. "Get thee to Davis Square in Somerville and visit Downtown Wine and Spirits!" Is that on the Johnny D's side of the street or the Somerville Theater side?
  4. The tides are turning! Authentic Recipe/Taste 44% - 769 Votes High Thujon 43% - 757 Votes
  5. "80% of Everything is crap" That has the makings of a great t-shirt or bumper sticker....
  6. These people can not be allowed to conquer the Free Absinthe world!!! What´s the most important thing of an Absinthe? Authentic Recipe/Taste 39% - 617 Votes Low Licorice Taste 4% - 70 Votes High Thujon 47% - 744 Votes Good Price 6% - 103 Votes Bottle Design 2% - 37 Votes Other Criteria 2% - 25 Votes
  7. Cool...now if I could only find out who it was? I am perusing the posts to try and get up to speed.
  8. You think I can find it at Newbury Comics?
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