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  1. Hello all. Long time no see. I had a wee taste of Glacier Distilling's verte offering. "Trail Of The Cedars Absinthe". Not bad at all. Had a little minty finish. I'm not a huge fan of absinthe using lots of star Anise, but this one didn't seem to be overly "Anised". Made with local wild Montana wormwood. Between the two I'd go for Vilya Verte still though.
  2. Most brands will tell you plain and simple what base spirit is used. Were you doing a project or something or just curious?
  3. Some midnight sun Arctic Devil I squirreled away last Auntumn.
  4. If I walked into a store and saw that I would buy immediately. I like Leopolds but it certainly is better having rested for awhile.
  5. https://media.giphy.com/media/VL6wTYBqIUF1u/giphy.gif
  6. Ok. Well at least that sexy yeti is still on the label. Do you prefer the coconut to the coffee cinnamon Abs?
  7. Freemont coffee cinnamon b-bomb. Why did they change the name to b-bomb from abominable?
  8. No I am kidding. Its good and smooth its highly reminicient is their barley wine to me. Yeah lots of chocolate with this one. Love it and wish I had bought two.
  9. Goose island bourbon country brand stout. They labeled mine wrong. This is barley wine.
  10. Good to know. I picked up one of those and a bottle of Freemont dark Star.
  11. Yeah. I tried marteau and I am not a fan of the orris root. Aside from that I had no qualms with it.
  12. After a snowy drive over blewett pass, a nice Hefeweizen
  13. Now some 2013 cellar reserve old sock. Bourbon barrel aged.
  14. Some might say half empty. Some half full. Which is it? Some grapefruit sculpin for me.
  15. Yeah. The date on these bottles I picked up were 2016 so already been resting a year.
  16. Whoops. Too much beer. The old stock is $24.99 per 16.7oz while the arctic devil which is much better imo is $14.99 for a 22 oz.
  17. Good to live in the NorthWest. Midnight sun arctic devil. Funny how a beer half as good as this (old stock cellar reserve) costs a fraction less than double the cost of a bottle of this stuff.