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  1. Some midnight sun Arctic Devil I squirreled away last Auntumn.
  2. If I walked into a store and saw that I would buy immediately. I like Leopolds but it certainly is better having rested for awhile.
  3. https://media.giphy.com/media/VL6wTYBqIUF1u/giphy.gif
  4. Ok. Well at least that sexy yeti is still on the label. Do you prefer the coconut to the coffee cinnamon Abs?
  5. Freemont coffee cinnamon b-bomb. Why did they change the name to b-bomb from abominable?
  6. No I am kidding. Its good and smooth its highly reminicient is their barley wine to me. Yeah lots of chocolate with this one. Love it and wish I had bought two.
  7. Goose island bourbon country brand stout. They labeled mine wrong. This is barley wine.
  8. Good to know. I picked up one of those and a bottle of Freemont dark Star.
  9. Yeah. I tried marteau and I am not a fan of the orris root. Aside from that I had no qualms with it.
  10. After a snowy drive over blewett pass, a nice Hefeweizen