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  1. Ha! To every death-star there should be a young idealistic antitrust attorney with staggering student loans. It's interesting to consider the market share Bacardi Martini has on much of the vermouth market. To our friends in SF, do venture (or mail order) to Corti Brothers in Sacramento for their remaining stock of Lillet Reserve. Better yet make the pilgrimage and meet Darrell Corti.
  2. Off topic, but that Aviation gin in the picture above makes the best Corpse Reviver #2 I've had yet - and that's an absinthe rinse drink so 'tis the right forum to give props. And I had it with that gin at Absinthe in San Francisco, and Jonny and Jeff are no shrinking lillies on the drinks. Still one of my favorite lunch locales. Back to CdV, not far away in SF, the amazing Brooke Arthur - survivor of a nasty fire a few months back - is back behind the stick at Range and during season was offering this: Blue Bell 8-10 blueberries .5 oz creme de violette half lemon .25 oz of simple syrup 2 dash angostura bitters 2 oz. Buffalo Trace muddle berries with ss, add all other ingredients, shake hard, fine strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon peel yum
  3. There is actually a kosher certification behind the Batavia Arrack van Oosten that arrives at the bottling facility, though since the bottling facility hasn't gone under review we've not had the finished bottled product certified. As for the "Arak" or "Arrak" of the Mediterrainian, there are many anise-based varieties to try. Not our usual tea here in this forum, but still quite refreshing in the heat.
  4. It's hard to resist, but yes I go there, so scroll down to the great Beggin' Strips review, unless you've not read before. Cheers! http://www.thesneeze.com/mt-archives/cat_s...dont_eat_it.php
  5. Dangermonkey, perhaps you can share with us - among blogfriends - more about that mood in which you drink the absinthe neat?
  6. It's quite interesting with the Aviation Gin - almost like stepping right into the garden. Well recommended, and makes for a great Attention/Atty.
  7. Servus und Prosit Neujahr! Greetings and warm wishes to all in the forum. - Eric
  8. welcome to the forum! with a newborn I hope you're enjoying some coffee too!
  9. Is that a tile mosaic floor? Try to set up a 360 viewer so we can enjoy more from afar! And show us the barshelf!! And welcome to the forum!!!!
  10. Good heavens, where are the other TC local foodies here? IF you haven't already: - Restaurant Alma - Vincent - La Belle Vie - St Paul Grille (great cocktails too) PM me and join us for drinks...
  11. eas

    who is eas

    My bags are already full, and I've more to pick up over the next three days. Open the kimono? Got a Pastis 51, two different artemisia wormword amaros, Amer LBv1908, Amer Picon 2007, Spirkov Likur (rosehip), Guigolet Kirsch (tre tre bien). Then I'll get plied with the sparkling Gruner and Blaufrankish samples tomorrow. Those Built NY carriers make such a world of different in packing. Fitting in the holiday chcocolates will be dodgy. Now as a newbie, can someone direct me to a forum specific to Pastis and evaluation on? Thanks!
  12. Back on topic here, cause I've got some venum in my veins (some I politely and regretfully accepted)!! - "Energy Drinks", alco or non. - Bols & DeKeyper anything. - low-quality EdV - Jagermeister, and especially the fear it created in the masses for the bitters and amaros we love - Absolut Kurant, especially for providing my only bad vodka experience in Russia - Flavored Vodkas, they crowd the bar and suck up operating cash flow - Tuaca - poorly made Jaggery - any spirit vanillified to "add complexity" and mass appeal - Spkyes, especially since the original idea was based on the Bierre Picon tradition! - the near finished last drink I love, on the heals of a fast forgotten ambien. damn me.
  13. eas

    who is eas

    Thanks! I often end up hauling sample and treasure hunt spirit bottles back from my travels, and I suspect I'm not alone in this forum ending up in the Ag Inspection line when returning from trips!
  14. Hi All! I'm Eric, live in Minnesota and by day import spirits and the occaisional wine with Haus Alpenz. Long before joining the business I've hauled bottles of Pastis and Absinthe in bags from Europe travels, though the latter had to stop when starting with the import biz. Over the past two year have had to deal with many of the challenges surrounding thujone when exploring a number of traditional Amaros/bitter liqueurs which contain (now or formerly) artemisia wormwood. Alpenz policy prohibits the use of forums to promote our products, but am happy to answer questions as appropriate by the rules and spirit of the forum. Moreover I'm here to learn, share and, to the extent possible, support the cause. Cheers!
  15. Ooops - sorry! I'm Eric. My business, Haus Alpenz is importing the Creme de Violette. We take requests, search for and import specialty and boutique spirits. Since bringing the CdV onboard we've enjoyed introducing absinthe to more friends via the Atty and Attention cocktails. Anyway, we're longtime bottle hunters (absinthe, pastis, eaux-de-vies, amaros, alpine spirits and all), so glad to join the discussion. If you're trying to make CdV at home, I'd be happy to answer any questions via PM or forum. You CAN macerate the flowers. Consider as well whether you're focused more on color or the aroma, as there are ways to accentuate each in home production. Sugar level preferences vary; the EU requirement for a Crème is 25% sugar, though most French variations are much higher.