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  1. Finally had a chance to try this at Reno in Chicago. I was pouring the water from a drinking glass, so I can't judge the louche, though I feel I could describe its color as feuille morte (something I've never seen in person, so pardon me if I'm off base). It wasn't unpleasant. I could taste the barrel aging, like a weakly steeped absinthe with a drop of vanilla. The whole thing seems rushed, or an attempt at novelty. I'll give them a couple years to work on it and try again. A few years ago this would have been mind blowing to me, but now that I have tasted better I know I can save money and just grab a bottle of Kübler.
  2. Ahoy! After a hiatus of some years, I returned to let you folks know about this, but was beaten to the punch! Bravo! This stuff is made at a distillery only blocks from my apartment, and my SO works at a wine bar that will be featuring it. I will report back once I've had a taste, and I can guarantee I won't be 'sipping' it. Good to be back, though. A series of unfortunate events made it so I could drink nothing more costly than Old Crow or Two Buck Chuck. Glad all of you are still at it.
  3. Ahoy-hoy, Captain Trips. Please don't get me sick. Welcome, anydangways.
  4. A fellow Chicagoan. Welcome!
  5. I will not rest until a fountain is created that uses a scale model of a Chthonian. Make it so.
  6. Mainstream(interrobang). Looks like I am going back to Old Crow. The cool kids took Knob Creek and now absinthe. The Crow is all I have left.
  7. Hiram, how are the talks with Jamiroquai for the Marteau spokesman gig?
  8. Why is there no choice for Human Blood? I have always been one to Choose My Own Adventure. If you think this is splendid, turn to plate 36. If you sickened at the thought, turn to plate 23. If you could go either way, really, turn to plate 42.
  9. I judge absinthe by how pretty the bottle is. ... Same thing with books.
  10. People will not shut up about it on my blog. I want to delete all their posts, but I am in no way into censorship. I only hope more experienced people will counterbalance the flow. At least let the spice flow. BTW- Borage is what happens when I watch just about any sporting event sober, 'cept for maybe Xtreme Full Contakt Golf. Wikkid.
  11. It may be a bit soon, but it would be wonderful if some caring soul would purchase a bottle upon release and split it into samples, so certain poor individuals can partake of this nectar before certain financial hardships are past and he/she can afford to order a bottle him/herself. Eh?
  12. Many combolations my bromide! May all your future effergencies be top floored!
  13. So where are we now? Is he sitting on the can eating his last peanut butter and banana sammich? It kinda seems like it, actually.