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  1. unfortunately ladies and gents I am going to have to leave it there for now because I am tired and drunk and having to relive the next few parts is probaly going to irritate me too much right now so..... if your interested please tune in next week (or tomorrow) for the final installment of HOW LL LOST HIS BELOVED FOUNTAIN!(and an antique vase...and his freaky frickin hair) good night!
  2. the two "gentlemen" continue to take turns nipping and cutting snipping and occasionally hacking (o did I mention pulling and tugging a little as well) the remnance of LL's freaky hair.......until......finally and without much fanfair some one says (I can't recall who) "were done" and all is quiet for a time..... and then for more time.... more quiet..... until LL can no longer stand the silence he gets up out of his chair and beggins to louch up another for himself....and offers the same to D who happily accepts.... the other two having done there good work retire to there respective corners of LL's paripheral conscious (which is to say that I didn't notice them leave)
  3. LL not noticing anything particularly unusuall about the state of his freaky hair and not really caring too much what happens to it, continues to sit placidly sipping at his muse while staring at but not recognizing what ever it is that seems to be on the other side of his beautiful French repro fountain. (a fairly recent aquisition of his)
  4. Suddenly So and So noticing the terrible state that B is quickly reducing LL's hair to......decides to take back over......
  5. all the while D sits observing....only occasionally letting slip a giggle here and a smirk there.....but for the most part solemnly sipping at his free booze in silence.
  6. enter stage leftB not one to be out done B grabs the scissors out of So and So's hand and begins to nip....a little.....then snip a little... then a little more....then skips cutting and shearing altogether and starts to hack. great big clumps of freaky hair off of LL's silly head.
  7. After some very brief discussion of what to do about this LL stands(sits) ready to go under the knive scissors. To finally rid himself of the immense social burden that is his freaky hair. Having stoically endured the many slights and jabs against it long enough! and with the concurrent enthusiasm(read enebreation) of all parties present, that is to say The Party about his liberation from the millions of tinny catastrophes that enmesh his silly head. the "fun" begins Enter So and So former love interest of LL's former love interest.B (follow?) (scissors in hand, poised, glaring down atLL with not just a slight amount of curiosity about how someone comes to arrive at such a follicaly chaotic state of being.) So and So having not only been encouraged by LL's newly acquired enthusiasm(read enebreation) but also further emboldened by (make a note)B's having gone out of his way to locate and personally hand him the the scissors necessary to carry out the operation. So and So proceeds to nip.....snip......then cut.....then shear etc.
  8. what am I drinking? t.FG.i.f of course. It seems that what follows may have to be released in segments as the editor will not allow me to post as many emoticons as I have chosen to utilize as plot devices. Yes, looking back at this whole episode I recognize that parts of my life do in fact read like something bored housewives might develop a morbid fascination with. However I assure you I didn't find it very fascinating at the time nor did I recognize the semi-humorous nature of the circumstances until now that I have written some of them. On that note and without further adieu Part two: Characters So and So So and So's current and long standing love interest hence forth referred to as D LL aka Me and finally LL's former yet brief love interest, now just friend, of whom we will refer to as B collectively referred to as The Party to recap we were at a dinner party. all was well. we ate all was well. we started drinking all was well LL just mentioned that he might need one or two hairs cut, thinking it a perfectly innocent statement of fact. all was not well (but LL knew nothing if this)
  9. Sorry that I didn't get back to you sooner folks....I stepped out for some dinner (gigantic bowl of seafood soup and a pot of tasteless tea!) I wish I could tell you that I lost my fountain to a mere stroke of gravity and happenstance but in fact it was even more dramatic than that. I was sharing some(read lots) of my absinthe at a small dinner party. at which a friend(read former lover) was in attendance with myself and two others. we ate a wonderful dinner of pasta tossed in sundried tomato pesto and steamed kale and garlic. while exchanging our daily curiosities with one another. after dinner we started in on the absinthe. It didn't take long for all of us to get rather louched. At some point in the evening after some of the usuall rowdyness of this crowd I realized all of the sudden that I have freaky hair. (perhaps having just seen a fresh poloroid of myself) I don't mean Don King, or Albert Einstein freaky but freaky to be sure.... you see I don't brush......or comb...... or shampoo for that matter......(I have really soft water) don't need to.....but thats because for the most part I am excepting of my freaky hair...... excepting of course until that moment. It was at that momet that I rememberd that my friend(frmr lvr) told me not five or six days ago that so and so gives good haircuts and that I should ask so and so sometime to give me one. Me, seeing that "so and so" was in attendance, thought out loud that I looked like I could use a haircut.(this is were the fun begins) not forseeing the potentially hazardous nature of such a combination as sharp objects, overlouched minds, jealous former lovers, (did I forget to mention that the other two were a couple and that my former lover was previously involved with both of them as well?) and at least one dramatic case of bipolar disorder. ___________________ guess who just called me. I'll have to finish this some other time if you all want me to bye
  10. whew! just when I thought I'd almost run out of reasons to drink.....its MY unbirthday too! at least for a few days! Cheers Kids.
  11. I fine pair you make then......me if I have glass in hand (as I do at the moment) I imagine myself not far from needing a stroller (sort of speak) that said Ive moved on to Un Emile Blanche.
  12. AVD--- thats at least the third time in a row I've heard that sad story from you.....did you hop on a wagon or something? whew! disregard due to post update.
  13. Greetings and welcome ! not much to speak of in my drawers but thats an other (read sad) story.