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  1. FINALLY finally got someone to buy me two bottles each and ship them to me as I tried FOREVER to get these and never could till now. And everyone is right HOLY COW what Cheryl pulled off with these absinthes is beyond amazing. I have 4 bottles sitting here and right now wish I could easily buy 4 more. Meadow of Love just blew me away and I truely enjoyed the Walton Waters too. Hey SUPER super late to the party but its nice I finally got a friend to help me out getting them. People complained earlier in this thread about what a pain the US laws are now. It's even worse than 2009. Someone posted list of states astor or someone couldn't ship to that list is WAY longer now. Does anyone know if Catskill Cellars is still in business. I can't get their site to work for LONG time now and I heard they shipped to Illinois at one point but they seem to be MIA.
  2. Leopold Bros. just has to be grape based because its where all perfect grapes must go when they die because it's absolutely wonderfully grapetastic.
  3. Another new one for friend and I . We've had 15-20 different absinthes over the years(many) and I'd see this mentioned of course I randomly threw in 20 cl bottle and we tasted it other night and my goodness. I can't say I can argue that it does belong up there with the Jades. I shot to the top 5 easy I think of our favorite absinthes. Just stunned us both couldn't find a single thing about it we didn't like. What a just magical louche it has, thick , rich and creamy. Instantly I wished it was the bigger bottle I had ordered. What a wonderful absinthe.
  4. Tried this one for first time with friend who also has had lots of absinthes. We liked it but we swear there was some kind of dryness to it after drinking bout half the glass, leaves one with cottonmouth or least very dry sensation in the mouth. So that part of it was unpleasant but everything else about it seemed fine. Maybe it's related to being bitter but I didn't find it crazy bitter per se but dry dry dry.
  5. I had this last year for first time, well maybe 2018 batch 102 and my God was this stuff good. I LOVE that pure grape punch it has, it's glorious just perfection in a bottle.
  6. I use 4:1 standard although I honestly stop it early maybe. I use a dripper not fountain and bubble glass cause I LOVE the show the louche puts on in it. 2:1 seems like madness to me. Although let's be honest my pouring of the absinthe diminishes after so many glasses that it's nearly double shot of absinthe per drink into that same 4:1 ratio so haha. I also agree I wasn't blown away by Terminus either. I have another bottle on the way alone with eddy and 1901, butterfly and Angelique (last time will be first time) exited. But to call the other jades similar is crazy talk if you ask me.
  7. Gee after reading lost of the posts here you'd think I'd really dislike this stuff but I just fine it to be an ok absinthe, nothing off putting to me with it at all. After just one glass it seemed fine. Wasn't gross like I found Pacifique to be for whatever reason. This was kind of mello to me , nothing to note that stood out. So while it's fine no way on earth it's worth no $90 a bottle, that's insanity. I think it's not super complex is what I mean. It's just a nicely made simple absinthe.
  8. I been trying for a week now to get Spec's to get me Butterfly or Leopold Bros. They won't even reply on fb page or call back....
  9. Of course its odd palate out the defect only affects 20% of the population. So duh. And that's what I'm trying to say it's not that I just don't like it, smart ass. It's GROSS. It's beyond me just not liking it. And it's not just me the other person on this forum who messaged me also says it tastes the same way, not just bad but GROSS. Like I have no idea why the hell anyone would sell the product to anyone bad. I've been here over a decade and have tried dozens of absinthes. I'm not being a troll you fucking dick. No wonder the forums dead still filled with a bunch of assholes.
  10. No Clown , the same defect affects Coriander in people just like cilantro. Fact. They are a very closer related plant/herb. And I got them switched because I looked up so much info on the topic and the two of them. That and I've never had Coriander ever far as I know. I'm only familiar with cilantro, which doesn't taste like soap or whatever to me at all. I have no idea if this is the reason all I know Pacifique to me is the hands down grossest thing I've ever had in my mouth ever. I literally cringe when I try to drink it.
  11. Oh sorry yea I meant coriander , as they both cause issue with the genetic defect. So the same 20% will still find it gross. I was beyond tired when I got home last night and typed the wrong one although it applies to both coriander and cilantro.
  12. Ok update the new bottle did arrive. And well while it doesn't taste as strong gross as the old one did to me , it's still is awful to me. Now when I say gross , I mean GROSS/DISGUSTING. However maybe I've figured out why. Cause when I drink it , seriously I wonder how and why in the hell would anyone try and sell anything that taste like that, well as I said maybe this is the answer. My friend who talked to Marc on phone about it says he mentioned it had cilantro in it. Well while I knew there were things that this could happen with I've never knowning ate cilantro in my life and never knew Pacifique has it in it. Well turns out 20% of the population due to a genetic defect find the taste of cilantro gross , they refer to it as tasting like soap. So while Marc never said that to me about it containing cilantro I take my friends word for it. And would go a LONG way to explain why I find this absinthe to be well gross. Beyond gross. Here is link referring to the study and findings. http://gizmodo.com/5911387/is-cilantro-hating-genetic Crazy huh. But it sure explains a LOT. I couldn't for the life of me reading reviews here raving about it , yet it tasting the way I find it to taste. I'm willing to leave it there and not talk bad about the product anywhere from here on out. And it was a solid this Marc did. But man I mean I guess he had been making the product before the study but has to suck making a product with cilantro in it that out of the gate that 20% of people who taste it will find it disgusting.
  13. So they made new batch. But it's $100 a jar and to expensive so they can't get anyone to buy it . Yep sounds like absinthe alright haha.
  14. Since I've never had it I can't say if something is wrong with it , other than the louche. But go read the reviews here and the comments. They were giving this 9/10 for louche, when mine is maybe 2/10. The taste doesn't seem like anything anyone would want to be drinking either. So I'll report back when I taste the replacement. I do hope I haven't caused all this drama just because I don't like the taste of it. But after reading all the reviews here and what not I still swear that just can't be it. It's supposed to be good if not great product. Oh I can't remember if I'd said but another reason I think it might be my bottle is several years ago I had a bad bottle of Jade I think it was VS 1898. They sent replacement bottle of that but when I got the new bottle yep it was totally my bottle and it was back to its normal taste. See it didn't louche at all either really. It was fears ago when it was like -40 and I left the poured non louched glass out side in the snow and that cold and it did louche finally after 10 minutes of being out in that, but it never did taste right. Soem strange totally off bitterness to it.
  15. Update just heard from Marc via phone, and he'll send out replacement bottle and I'll send this back so they can test it. I just swear for the life of me this bottle isn't right.