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  1. Thanks to T73, i just got myself a bottle of Henri Bardouin. (having run out of Ricard 2 days ago) Delicious. Nothing like a nice cool glass of pastis on a warm and sunny afternoon.
  2. When i'm drinking and relaxing, i mostly listen to : Tom Waits Leonard Cohen Johnny Cash (the American Recordings years mostly) Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Portishead Ulver Naked City
  3. Well well well... I got back from work at 9:30pm tonight and what did i saw when i got home? A nice package from Spain! My heart stopped when i saw the origin of the package So i opened it, hands shaking and all and behold! A bottle of Clandestine and a bottle of Duplais. They said it would take between 7 and 9 weeks. I ordered it on setp 17th, so no need to say that i'm fucking happy Can't wait to open them Now i know there's a god.
  4. I'm feeling like i could use a nice glass (or more hehehe) of Scotch/Whiskey. I'm now hesiting between : 20 years old single malt Glenfiddich 12 years old Poit Dhubh Vintage Collection 1992 Glenrothes
  5. Interesting, i shall indeed keep on eye on that. He ships to Canada? peridot : Thanx, i'm now even more eager to receive my order
  6. Hello all! Been while since i posted on this message board althought most wouldn't remember probably as i'm a newbie. Anyway, like i said in my introduction post some months ago, i'm from Quebec, Canada and the choices about absinthe here is quite limited. Not to say inexsistant. Well, we can choose between the incredible (note the sarcasm here) Absente, Versinthe, Hill's and Elie-Arnaud... woohoo! So i just ordered this morning a bottle of Duplais 72% and one bottle of Clandestine 53%. Should arrive in about 7-9 weeks. As i'm no expert and never tasted these before, i can't wait for them to arrive. I'm sure they're not the best ones out there, yet i think they are quite decent based on various comments i've seen. Any comments on my purchase? Like what to buy next?
  7. My godmother went to Cuba this spring and i asked her to bring me back a box of Cuban cigars. So i got a box of 25 Montecristo n°4 for 140$CAN. Maybe not the best ones (prolly not in fact), yet such a box is worth around 450$CAN, so in the end it isn't that bad i guess. I smoke one once in a while with a nice glass of Glenrothes Vintage Collection 1992.
  8. Looks like a really interesting absinthe. I shall pray the Great Old Ones and ask them to align the stars in the right configuration so i could get my hands on one bottle. Bless Canada!
  9. Thanx. I've sent an email at FSC and yes apparently they do ship to Canada. I'll check it soon. But in the meantime, the former employer of my mother is going to Switzerland in August. Quite a rich guy with lots of contacts in many circles, especially in viticulture and spirits. And he has diplimatic immunity. My mother, since they are quite on good terms, will ask him if he could bring back some bottles for me... I'm crossing my fingers.
  10. Thanx all for your kind welcome words. Looks like a real interesting place and i sure will stick around! Now, the 10 000$ question. How?
  11. I'm having a bottle of La Fin Du Monde, a belgian-styled strong ale made by Unibroue.