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  1. It looks like the rest of this bottle of Absente is going to have to last until my order comes in. I'm probably going to take my best friend out for a beer or two for his 21st tonight, so it's looking like a swell combo of Absente and PBR. Nahh, we'll probably get a Guinness or something. Has anyone every heard of Liberty Steakhouse? I'm not really a beer "aficionado," but I have yet to try any of their brews that wasn't great. Because I smoke, I get the impression that my palate isn't as responsive as it used to be, but I tend to lean toward their lighter beers.
  2. Good to know! At least my roommates won't get woken up at some insane hour by constant shrieks of "WTF?!?!"
  3. I'm sorry to hear about your misfortune; alas, with every down in life, an up must follow!
  4. Not ALL of Dead Can Dance is completely my thing, Dead Can Dance and Gerrard's solo stuff are simply beautiful. Interestingly, Bauhaus has been known (in more recent years) to do a cover of Severance. I can't say that I've heard of The Tear Garden, and I haven't listened to very much of the Pink Dots or the Cocteau Twins, but from what I've heard, I really enjoy it!
  5. 1 Litre Serpis 65, .7 VdF, and a .5 Duplais Verte... yeah, for a first time trial, I feel I went a bit overboard, especially since work is scarce (although just this morning I got back from working a show...). I figured this SHOULD last a while... As for maturity... social interactions between this group and those in person can vary significantly- I just try to be more selective of my diction with certain groups when appropriate. * *read- I can be a pompous, pretentious asshat when it comes to some things...* :P (edit) Just a quick question, but am I the only person who keeps checking the status of his/her 1st shipment every 10 minutes, hoping and praying that it doesn't get seized? I've heard nothing but positive remarks, but I've always been sort of a human manifestation of Murphy's Law; a statistic, so to speak... :/
  6. Anyone else try this? Go figure, the day I was going to make a purchase, there one minute (or should i say early afternoon) and gone the next (sometime that night). Was originally holding out for the not-so-special edition, but 300/500 Euro is beyond absurd in this situation.
  7. 'ello! I'm Patrick, and I live in the wretched city of Columbia, SC. I've lived here all my life, yet I never developed that southern twang to the way I speak (thank whichever deity in which you may or may not believe ) Anywho, I turned 21 on April 5th, and just a day or two ago I made my first absinthe purchase from Markus. I have gone through a bottle or two of Absente (yeah, yeah, I know...) seemed to like it enough, and I decided to give in and order a few bottles. I heard about/ discovered absinthe when I was probably 15 or 16 and was like, "WHOA DUDE! TRIPPIN BALZ!" I have since grown up. Once I turned 20, the novelty of getting wasted wore off, and I wanted to try something a little more refined. Sure, I love wine, but there is just something really appealing about something you're technically not supposed to have, especially when there isn't much reason as to why you shouldn't have it. And, well, here I am now. I've been lurking for the past month or two, and after I ordered, decided to actually join. *stereotype alert* I love music, specifically a lot of post-punk and industrial, and I "work" with a promoter in the southeast (how can I call it work when I'm GETTING PAID to go to shows?!) Shows can be sparse, and my college schedule sometimes interferes (I'm a second year, after having been too immature the first go around). Ok, enough said. And I promise to never make another post this long ever again!