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  1. So we (will) have Lucid, Kübler, Absente (to a much lesser degree), and now this? Very exciting times...
  2. Is that a nekkid guy swinging something around in a girl's face?
  3. The other night I was looking for something in the supermarket, and I saw these HUGE pasta shells, kinda like the kind in Velveeta, only like 10 times as big, and I thought to myself, now THAT'S some mac n' cheese! Ended up looking on the back of the box and saw a recipe for stuffed shells (duh!). I can't remember all of the amounts, but it was basically ricotta, mozzarella, and grated parmesan, baked for about 30 minutes. One of the best things I've had in a while (being a college student...).
  4. Every once in a while a few buddies and I will sit out and smoke some cigars and just BS with each other, nothing expensive, frequent, or extravagant, but this is ridiculous! $10 tax cap on cigars? O_o
  5. ::sigh:: Well, who knows, maybe LdF will run another Let's-Give-The-Americans-a-Break-Because-The-Dollar-Sucks sale soon... *not holding breath*
  6. @ shabba Yeah, I think I had the dollar to pounds off a bit. What I'm thinking of was probably around 2000/2001. (and Alan) Thanks for the charts.
  7. So, after just recently making my first international purchase, I realized that the dollar has lost a LOT of value. I remember several years ago, the dollar to GBP was around 1:.75, and USD compared to CAD was something like 1:1.25 maybe? And even though the Euro was relatively new, it was still about a 1:1 exchange. Even compared to the yen, it was around 1:130. Having missed this decline in the dollar's strength, I was wondering when this slide took place. Was it the 9/11 incident, or Hurricane Katrina? Perhaps the invasion of Iraq? I realize the economy isn't doing so well, but I was wondering if anyone had any information that is a little more concrete. I know this is probably skirting that no-no line of politics, so lets keep conjecture light; I was just wondering a time-frame/cause of the decline.
  8. ::sigh:: Why hasn't this thread died yet? ... *ironic laugh*
  9. Had a glass of Serpis, a little VdF, and now I'm off to the grocery store for dinner- no worries, I walk! Was thinking about opening the Duplais just to compare, but that's probably going to result in me spending a lot of money a lot sooner.
  10. Exactly! :-P Last night I had 3 or 4 friends of mine try some VdF. Even though most of them had had a few drinks earlier on (it was a 21st birthday party), I was surprised at the amount of positive reaction. Being that most of them are gamer geeks (although I don't play, I guess I might as well be guilty by association), they "got" it, as they're kinda in the same league, just a different subject. Needless to say, I ended up hiding the bottle for the rest of the night!
  11. I've gotten up (or waited for sunrise on quite a few occasions) and made a glass of Absente, and while I enjoy it, it doesn't negate the fact that I feel like I'm becoming more and more of an alcoholic. But as long as it's in check, it's all good. On a side note, I louched a glass of Serpis 65 and couldn't help but think of Absente (US) with each sip. It wasn't exactly the same, but similar enough to justify saying this, which makes me wonder why I've heard so much negativity towards it (Absente.) And sooner or later, I'll stop using Absente as the basis of comparison for everything. Promise!
  12. Most of my friends are the cheap vodka and Bud Light or PBR kinda people. Occasionally my roommate and I get some Newcastle or something with a little more flavor, but most of my friends drink for effect (which isn't to say that I never do) and really don't care too much about the taste. This being the case, most of them probably wouldn't go for absinthe other than to say they've drank it.
  13. Honestly, I don't really get myself. On one hand, there is this mystique that follows absinthe, which is mostly just a bunch of hearsay and sensationalism. Then there's the "artistic, refined" side... but in all actuality, wasn't absinthe a poor man's drink? I don't know... I'm probably overgeneralizing, but that is partially how I feel. Maybe part of it is the fact that it is taboo in the states, and the adolescent rebel in me still pokes his head out every once in a while. It is quite tasty though!
  14. The previous post is probably misleading. I meant solely on the very first impression of the smell that it reminded me of tequila. Technically, yes, i tried a very small taste neat, just to get an idea of what was going on, but no, the glass i was talking about was sugar-cubed and louched. By "proper glass" i just meant Absomphe-sized. (edit) My second glass is nothing like the first. I'm not exactly sure where I got "tequila" from, but it WAS 9:30 and I hadn't gotten much sleep. ::sigh:: This is bad... toootally bad... I'm a broke college student and there's no way, shape, or form in HELL that I'm going to be able to keep up with this habit
  15. It was unlike anything I've had before. The very first idea that popped into my mind when i opened the VdF was "Tequilla?" (please nobody bitch-slap me for that one...) I poured a small glass and tried it out. Being a such a new flavor to me, after a few more glasses over the course of the weekend, I think it's going to turn into a really expensive habit! Speaking of, I think I'm going to have a proper glass now...
  16. Well, I'm more than overjoyed to say that my 1st order just came in, but the events immediately prior to are pretty funny... Just before I woke up, I was having the best dream ever- my shipment made it through customs and was sitting on the doorstep. Happier than a kid at Christmas, I ripped open the box, only to find that I had ordered a bottle of Bairnsfather, KoS, and some other anonymous Chechzinthe. Upon further inspection of the invoice, I saw part of the order was a three bottle special, and instead of 5 bottles, only 3 arrived... In my dream world, I ran down the stairs of my apartment, and ran outside looking for the delivery guy... bust! I woke up in a cold sweat, and not 2 minutes later, *KNOCK*KNOCK*, and what do you know... it was fine. Suffice to say, I had to louche up just a sampling of VdF at 9:30 this morning You know, on the one hand, come on, it's absinthe, but on the other, come on, it's 9:30 IN THE MORNING!
  17. Wonder if he spins counter-clockwise in the southern hemisphere?
  18. I'm with T73 on this one; there's a reason Bud Light is as cheap as it is, but as for absinthe, for me there would be more of an inclination towards flavor as opposed to buzz. That aside, this is an interesting little "experiment" you've come up with.
  19. 'ello! Good luck of finding that spoon!