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  1. Yeah, I know what you mean, but come on- which would you rather have, 3 drinks at a bar, or an entire bottle at home?
  2. Sweet! I had a girlfriend that loved (and introduced me to) both; they're cool. That's exactly what they want you to think... Cheers and welcome!
  3. I understand markups and such in the whole bar scene, but $18 for a shot or two of Lucid and water? I realize drinks cost a bit more in NYC than other places, but is it just me, or is something amiss?
  4. I'm a little lost and kinda scared... unless that's the end, in which case I've gotta say that sucks. A lot.
  5. T73: Glad to hear it wasn't too bad! As for tonight, I had a glass of Serpis, and I'm going to try to convince my friend to bring over some Lucid, as I haven't tried it yet, and figured he could try my Duplais. Hopefully it'll be a somewhat itty-bitty green (and red) hour.
  6. This is being told to the guys who substituted orange soda for the OJ in a screwdriver, used cheap vodka, and called it a crowbar. Ah... fun times. Speaking of mixes, tried DITA with cheap spumonte a few nights ago- with Serpis, it should be called Piss in the Afternoon. Terrible stuff.
  7. heh- yeah, I'll love it until I throw it up... Edit: DAMMIT I hate double posting!
  8. It's probably only been shitty gin. I've had it with various mixers, and I've had a dirty martini or two, which were the equivalent to sea water swill, and maybe a dry martini, which wasn't drinkable either. Never been able to drink it. My roommate just "discovered" gin (I think we've got Bombay Dry?); I tried that, and probably won't drink it again.
  9. Put the Jaeger in the freezer. Mix the absinthe with some water. Once you've got a nice buzz going, take some Jaeger shots, while simultaneously pouring the gin down the drain (or on the curb... for the homies...). If you can't bring yourself to do that, I'm sure you can find a bum to pass it off to. Sorry. I LOATHE gin... otherwise, I've got no ideas. Edit: rrrr... Speedle beat me to it!
  10. What would those be? The fact that they hype thujone and flaming absinthe, have longer shipping times, and sell KoS. I'd not heard anything about the site, so I was basing my hesitations on the aforementioned.
  11. I recently tried the 60 and 70 vertes that Eichelberger produces, but it seems that the only Ike I can find is the limited 68. I noticed that Alandia had the blanche & brut, and 60, 68, & 70, but I'm kinda hesitant about the site for obvious reasons. Main questions being: Has anyone dealt with Alandia, and are the Ikes available anywhere else?
  12. I thought Zzz already covered that one...
  13. I tried two glasses; one without sugar, and then one with, just to see if it would cut the bitterness. Unfortunately, being more in the finish, the bitterness is unchanged.
  14. Wait for it...wait for it...
  15. Yeah, what MTgrayling said: my order had that come up, and it arrived the very same day. No worries!
  16. I remember not too long ago there was a post about creating a kit of sorts including various herbs to educate one's palate in terms of the ingredients. Apparently Markus is selling two sets of distillates of wormwood, fennel, and anise and melissa, coriander, and angelica. Price seems kinda hefty, but I just thought I'd throw that out there. And on a side note, there's also a new 'sinthe purported to have been developed by a Harley customizer. (random?)