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  1. It was my roommate's (one of my 2 best friends ever) birthday technically yesterday, and I just can't sleep now. I know I got an assortment of Flying Dog beers (not the high gravs) and innumerable Vodka Tonics, and several specialty drinks we make, called "Marshalls" (after my roommate), which entails some sort of frozen fruit concentrate, a wee bit of ice, and any liquor on hand (minus the absinthe!). It turned out a decent night, but it's nearly 6 am, and I'm the only person not passed out. ::beady little eyes::
  2. The other day I found out that there's a hookah bar not 3 minutes walking distance from my apartment; they advertise staying open until the wee hours on Fridays and Saturdays, however my friend and I went up there around 2:30 am and said they stopped around 2... Apparently one can "rent" the hookah for $5 an hour, and betwixt the two of us, that would probably be more than enough to try it out and see if we would want to further invest in a hookah. I think the guy said it included up to 2 or 3 different flavors. Unfortunately, this place is more of a sketch smoke-shop than a boho-styled indie hipster joint, but I'm more than willing to spend the cash, and what do you expect, with the place being in the middle of a college town's bar scene...
  3. Hey guys, don't hate on the Placebo effect...
  4. Hi TAKEDA! Two really good resources for absinthe reviews can be found on the WS site here, and here over at feeverte.net . And what exactly do you mean by effect? If you're talking about getting trashed, most absinthes have a higher ABV than most hard liquor...
  5. *takes notes I LOVE cooking, yet, for the most part it seems that neither of my two roommates, nor my girlfriend, ever really gets around to doing dishes until a week or so later, although recently my female roommate has been doing dishes every time they're in the sink. Must be nice... I hate South Carolina... A while back I found some chicken in the freezer, and cooked it with some lemon juice and whatever herbs I managed to dig out of the cupboard, and both my girlfriend and I were in awe of how delicious it turned out, for being as simple as it was. Unfortunately for my crowd, we're in college and too poor to afford fresh herbs and ingredients- I'm sure that would have made it even better.
  6. I take it you haven't been by the LouchedLounge then... Then perhaps, had you taken my advice, this thread would not have taken the turn it has. edit- omission of restatement
  7. Hello! Out of curiosity, what absinthe's are available in Canada? I've noticed that not many vendors ship to Canada, and was wondering if local sellers at least offered a decent selection, if much of a selection at all.
  8. I keep saying I'm going to get a bottle or two of Ike on the next order... whenever that is...
  9. 'ello Glaucus! Much of what you've stated is somewhat of a rehash, but I found it to be put in a more direct and easy to read light. In any case, welcome to the forum, and perhaps you could introduce yourself over here.
  10. Good call; with shipping costs added, it costs more overall than drinkupny.
  11. http://www.shoppersvineyard.com/shipping.a...HARGESINDOLLARS
  12. Yeah... I'm in SC and I've asked around and no one's heard of it, let alone if they're going to carry it...
  13. I purchased a bottle of Razzouk earlier, and just had my first sip; it's not the same as absinthe, but it's DEFINITELY a keeper! Thanks to Shabba on helping me make up my mind last minute. I have a feeling I'm going to go through a bit of it tonight!
  14. I tried the prototype 35, and although I can't be much more descriptive as the entire event is a wee bit hazy, I vaguely remember it having a weird, almost fishy, funkiness in the scent neat, kinda how people were describing Lucid. As I recall, it thinned out once louched, and while nothing flip out about, it was a decent absinthe. I'm considering getting a bottle of it, along with a few others from LdF.
  15. ^What he said! I would suggest the Duplais Brevans, or Eichelberger 70. The Brevans is only 68%, and the Ike 70, but they're both definately worth getting. I tried the PF1901 once and wasn't particularly impressed; it was good, it was complex, but there was just something about it that made it seem overpriced. Welcome to the forum!
  16. I got the chance to try some the other night, and enjoyed it quite a bit. I'll probably get a bottle when my other bottles start running low, if nothing else, because the price is kinder on the wallet. I do have to admit, I could almost detect some kind of fishy gunk in the aroma, but once louched, I found it to be very palatable, being only a little thin in flavor.
  17. Well, it seems as if there's at least one event planned in NY: (from lenells.com) "Thursday, August 23, 2007 THURS 7PM-9PM Taste the first legal absinthe in 95 years! Meet the brand owners, learn about classic absinthe cocktails, and see a reproduction absinthe fountain demo complete with sugar cube and spoons."
  18. Drunk posting = bad idea... Everyone I've talked to has been going on about the Balance. I'm thinking my next order is going to include a bottle to see what the fuss is about. Incidentally, tonight has been nothing but Bacardi Gold and cheap Vodka known as Zemkoff; NiN+alcohol+3 best friends+guitar and amp= busted lips from rockstar jumps/falls off the couch. P.S.- I hate the backspace button- auto-correct would be nice right now...
  19. I LOVE me some vodka tonics, but I have yet to try gin... I'm thinking about making a trip down to the convenience store around the corner for some tonic water.
  20. My friend really likes Bombay, and Mr. Defo and Peridot suggested we try Tanqueray, so we got a small bottle earlier- I have yet to try it, seeing as we don't have many mixers to choose from, but I've got a feeling I just don't have a palate cut out for gin.