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  1. Congrats! You might want to check out this thread before you end up sitting on it for too long.
  2. Sweet! I am anticipating hearing of your successes!
  3. Yeah, I went to three of those shows on the amphitheater tour. I also made it out to the headlining tour Bauhaus did in 2005, in Atlanta on Thanksgiving Day. Sadly, Bauhaus is probably never going to ever play again... This last album they just put out a few weeks ago is being hailed (by them...) as their swan song; kind of a goodbye present, maybe? ::sigh::
  4. It's the really big, nice Kroger on Two Notch (heh heh...)/ HWY 1 near Village at Sandhills in NE Cola. The ABC store is just to the right of the supermarket. The woman said something about getting it in again yesterday or today, but I haven't been back at all, so I don't know for sure... I think it was priced at $65.99.
  5. I stopped by an ABC packaging store owned by the supermarket chain Kroger on Saturday and noticed a price tag for Lucid right beside Absente. I asked the clerk, who was an older foreign woman, about it. She proceeded to tell me it had come in that week and was sold out, but that I should stay away from it because it was "terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE! LIKE A DRUG!" She then proceeded to tell me it was why van Gogh lobbed his ear off. I try to set her straight, and she contests that she's French, and has decidedly more knowledge on the matter than I... :sigh: I'm still waiting on other offerings, but Lucid is a start...
  6. Many thanks! This was probably my best birthday ever, a few glasses of absinthe in the afternoon, and spending time with about 40 of my closer friends that evening.
  7. Can't remember the champagne, but I tried it once and it was absolutely vile.
  8. Mother F*&%@R! I just went to the site to sign up so I didn't have to do that tomorrow while placing the order, and well, go figure my money goes through AT MIDNIGHT... SOL this time... O_o
  9. I found a pic of the Green Moon gift set here. So what, are you supposed to louche it? But staying back on track, I wonder if the Lucid pricing is just an error, or if it's fixed at 23.99. ::sigh:: guess I better order soon...
  10. Here's another... ...well it might as well be. Maybe I should start selling $60 bottles of Lucid for more than twice that on ebay...
  11. Same here- previously, my only experience with rum was my roommate and his beloved Bacardi 151... I never really understood that taste had nothing to do with it. Ever since maybe 5 or 6 months ago, I'll get the urge to get a nice sipping rum. Today I picked up the Appleton 12 Year, and I'm currently enjoying it, although, as Prole said, nowhere near as complex (or wicked awesome) as Shabba's. Has anyone tried the Captain Morgan Private Stock or any Bacardi "premiums?"
  12. I bet quite a few of us would go for this one... edit: I just realized it's completely equipped with a match carrier, for those flaming shots on the go!
  13. Ah... Thanks, and my appy polly loggies!
  14. So I ended up at eabsinthe.com tonight and saw this but haven't ever heard of it. I'm assuming they're trying to branch out to a higher end like Alandia with the Époque... I think they also make a blanche in the same vain. Just wondering if anyone mustered up the $ and knew something about it.
  15. If I'm not mistaken, I believe Djarum also sells a menthol version. I also found out that there is a MARLBORO KRETEK! Crazy! I saw a few packs on Ebay, but I can't justify 10 bucks for a pack of 12... Anyone know of any legit sites that would have a larger selection beyond Djarums, maybe something that sells by the pack? (I don't know if that's profitable/legal...)
  16. I used to really like a brand called Sampoerna, but I can't find them anywhere anymore, and I haven't really been able to find out why.