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  1. +1 to Lucid being awesome for the gift sets. PERFECT gift for people just getting into absinthe (ECHO....echo......) and giving them a relatively inexpensive, all inclusive, introduction. Yeah, the glasses are a little thin, but for ~$70, a decent bottle, 2 glasses, and a spoon is brilliant!




    Edit: Just noticed they changed the packaging... :thumbdown: Yeah, sure, everyone loves tits, but really?



    My only gripe is that I'm SOOO sick of Lucid.

  2. I noticed this a while back and haven't seen any mention. I know that eAbsinthe doesn't have as high a regard on the forum as DUNY or LdF, but they've got a 25% discount for all orders outside of the EU, and with the same shipping rates as LdF, some of their limited selection actually comes out to a pretty nice price.


    Absinthes of interest that apply to the offer are the Clandestines Capricieuse and Marianne, Helfrich Verte, BdF 60%, and Un Emile Sapin.


    I put in a mock order for both Clandestines and the Helfrich, and with shipping, it's only in the ballpark of 150 bones.


    Like I said, I'm just saying since I hadn't seen any mention of this, and I've also never dealt with eAbsinthe before, so I can't vouch for them, but this sounds like a deal, especially for people in the states that have only had domestically available products and want to try something new.



    PLUS, as an added incentive, they're offering free mini's of toilet bowl cleaner with every order. :puke:

  3. HOLY CRAP! I was almost positive that I was insane for not being able to find a single person who had heard of or tried Black Death cigarettes. Do you have any idea if they are still available? Last time I saw them was about 4 or 5 years ago, but I did see some Black Death cigarette papers in a tobacco shop a few months back. I asked the guy working if he had any idea about the cigarettes and he didn't.

  4. I have to say, in trolling the COLAs, I've found a good number that do not seem to be reaching store shelves. My guess is that they're having difficulty finding a distributor picking up the product. Which wouldn't surprise me at all.


    Good news- Upsynth got distro, and it's currently sitting on shelves is SC! Looked at the bottle, only to find that it's either imported or distributed by a company right here in SC! :thumbdown:


    Go figure.

  5. At Green's Beverage Warehouse in Columbia, there's a somewhat expansive selection of absinthes right off of I-26 (for those who might be traveling through.)





    Mythe (also available in 375mL)


    Grande Absente


    and maybe one or two others in the same vein as the majority of these absinthes.


    There are two locations, and the one I recently went to was the Fernandina Rd. location.


    There is also a location downtown, and last I remember, they had Lucid, Kübler, Pernod, and maybe one of the aforementioned.



    There is also a Total Wine and More not more than a mile or two from the Green's off of I-26. Directions are here. I haven't been here in a while as well, but I know they stock Lucid and Grande Absente for sure.


    I'll update this should anything change.