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  1. The options we have where I live are few, but thankfully in the last couple years Starbucks whole bean is available. For me it has been great, much better than any other option!! (Maxwell House, Eight o' Clock, Folgers, etc.) If it wasn't for Starbucks we'd still have crap selection in this part of corn country. When not press pot or drip, lately I've taken to using my Bialetti Moka Express with Starbucks' Sumatra and Breakfast blends- both are great albiet very different. Those little Mokas are the ticket!
  2. Bitters is also one of the many roads I have yet to check out. Interesting stuff.
  3. While I love the variation in products that comes when people are "creative", we must remember that it is creative within a framework of reference. The category we speak of is absinthe, but it could be bourbon, vodka, etc. And just like any other spirit with a history it has a meaning of sorts that has already been defined. To know what the word absinthe means, we must find out what it meant. To know what absinthe is, we must find out what it was. We must not call something absinthe that lays outside of the definition that history, tradition, and common sense has already provided for us.
  4. My wife's Polish grandfather woulda called a guy who responds like that "a little funny".
  5. Thankfully logic will resonate with some...
  6. The Beverage Barn in Findlay, Ohio stocks Lucid. Beverage Barn 1901 Tiffin Ave Findlay, OH 45840 (419) 422-2633
  7. American absinthe choices...I've been smiling at the idea for months.
  8. For me the biggest thrill of all is the emerging American-distilled absinthe market- It will be fascinating to watch the next few years of growth and change.
  9. Today I walked into a local (20 miles from home) spirit retailer in NW Ohio and was shocked to see Lucid on the shelves- I didn't think it was here yet. It was a great feeling.