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  1. Hi guys, My pear tree just went nuts this year and I have so much fruit! I am planning to make a pear cordial and was wondering if anyone had a great recipe that they would share. I found a few I'd like to try, but perhaps someone has a favorite. I've never made cordial with pear before, so I'm open to suggestions. Thanks!
  2. I've only done that with tequila. :drnkbanana:
  3. Last week we opened the Absente that my husband purchased because he is a bit impatient. :P I don't know what I was expecting but it was sort of an anti-climactic experience. It's possible I poured the drinks too strong. We took our drinks and sat in front of the tv enjoying a movie. When the movie was over both our glasses were still half full. It just wasn't what I thought it would be, I want to say it tasted "artificial" but I have nothing to compare it to. I'm an amateur herbalist and apothecary, I am familiar with the taste of these plants. I just think I was expecting something more earthy. I'll try again sometime with a different water ratio, but I think this experience was unremarkable even tho it was not unpleasant. I'm looking forward to a real absinthe. I've been incredibly busy the last few weeks and have sort of put my desires on the back burner, but I plan to order from Europe next time.
  4. Hiram, I'm afraid to do a multi bottle deal the first time. I want to see how unkind Canadian customs will be to me first. It is an odd pic. I don't know if this stuff louches. I will find out soon.
  5. Tonight I was looking at the LdF website and trying to decided if I really wanted to splurge on a Jade or try a less expensive one. I was speaking with my husband and I mentioned that I was planning to make a post on this forum to get some final recommendations before we order. I was leaning toward the Blanche de Fougerolles, I think Jack and some others have spoken well of it. My husband had to run a few errands so he left me here at the computer, browsing and shopping. Forty five minutes later he walks in with a bottle of this. I was a little disappointed. Ok, I was a lot disappointed. After all, I havent been spending the last few weeks poring over information and recommendations for nothing! My husband doesn't care, he is just tired of waiting. Impulsive. So.....tonight we will drink this Absente. Or maybe tomorrow. We have agreed that its part of our learning experience, but I get to choose the next bottle.
  6. I chose my avatar simply because it makes me want to say Yippee-Kai-Aye!
  7. Derrick, not only have I made a post in the newbie corner, but you have replied to it! :P I guess I might need an avatar, tho.
  8. Beautiful, Hiram. I love the lacy looking wormwood.
  9. Hello, Gloria! It's nice to meet you and none of us are getting any younger! :banana:
  10. does anyone think that Airmail shipping is desireable or practical? i'm paying in Canadian pesos to begin with, so my costs are a bit higher right off the bat I'm hoping that perhaps I wouldn't have to declare airmail. from the website: ******************SPECIAL NOTICE FOR CANADIAN CUSTOMERS*************** WE HAVE BEEN ADVISED THAT ALTHOUGH IT IS LEGAL TO SHIP ABSINTHE INTO Canadia IF IT IS SHIPPED BY COURIER IT MUST BE DECLARED AS ALCOHOL AND IN THIS CASE IMPORT DUTY WILL BE CHARGED. THIS MAY BE EQUAL TO THE VALUE OF THE GOODS ORDERED, BY ORDERING YOU WILL BE INDICATING THAT YOU ACCEPT THAT YOU ARE LIABLE TO THIS DUTY. IF YOU SELECT AIRMAIL SHIPPING, DELIVERY MAY TAKE UP TO FOUR WEEKS
  11. I noticed while watching a movie Bram Stoker's Dracula 1992, that they drank absinthe in the traditional way, no flames, just sugar and water. I thought perhaps that since it was made in the early 90s, that the frat house fire ritual hadnt become popular at that time, but i was proven wrong when i saw another film (this one about Jack the Ripper) called From Hell 1991, where not only does he light his sugar cube on fire but he adds a few generous drops of laudanum to the sugar before burning it. I guess it makes for a more interesting scene in a movie, but I doubt burning a laudanum tincture will do anything but waste it. That's Hollywood.
  12. jacal, i said i was idle not wealthy! I will have to limit my order to two bottles. Thank you for your list of recommendations, i am looking them up now. Everyone agrees on Jade Edouard, so that's an easy choice to make. I have decided to place my order closer to the 15th, so i have a couple weeks to decide on what the second bottle will be now. I am willing to try a blanche, sure. Especially if its going to taste great. Thank you all for the help and information. I'm looking for a cooler place to store my wine rack. I wonder if i can create decent conditions in a spare closet. Hm.
  13. I'm thinking that i should purchase 2 bottles of the best i can find, open one and put one away. I assume one would care for it like you would care for a bottle of wine?
  14. I don't mind bumping up against the filter, if you don't. I'm not yet authorized to earn an income in Canadia, so I get to spend most of my days in leisure and pursuits that interest only myself. I won't lull you to sleep with the details. My punctuation has suffered for it, mainly because most of the notes I write are to me. Forgive my regressions, it stems from idleness. (i also have personal issues with the capital letter I, im on much better terms with the lowercase i)
  15. ill have one of each! :absomphe: