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  1. Welcome Oscar, and good luck on your house buying, nows the time
  2. I'm sorry Oscar, you can't be Flash Gordon, I've already reserved the name, but, hey, It's OK if you want to pretend
  3. It looks like a uranium enhanced lifesaver.
  4. Hiram, I guess what I'm saying is, Even when I was making something new for my guitar, it was either because the finger board radius was incorrect for string bending and I was the guy who bought the guitar or the nut had a problem or the electrics needed fixing.I'm just poor, I'd much rather trade licks with friends than build it, but I can sure appreciate the guys that did and the ones now who know how to build them. My hat is off to you. None of us would be playing anything if not for the inventors
  5. They're both beautiful Hiram. It must be a complete trip to play something you've made from scratch. Definitely artwork. If I had that kind of talent I'd be spinning out tele and strat bodies and necks. Then maybe guitar building would be more affordable, not to mention making the entire thing from scratch. Slackjaw thats a righteous looking axe. I also saw a Bill Lawrence pup in the red guitar. I've got Bills single blade L250s in my warmouth hollow swamp ash strat and I love them. Glassy single coil sound but they sizzle when cranked.
  6. I think being able to take a raw piece of wood and make a thing from it is really neat. I've built a fender strat style guitar, removed and installed and shaped a fingerboard to a strat neck, widened fret slots, installed frets and more but I've never taken a raw unshaped piece of wood and made something out of it from scratch, now thats cool.
  7. Everyone does Andrew, Alcohol slows your reflexes but, I don't need to tell you that. Take someone like Albert Collins, Album, Cold Snap. You don't have to be fast to be good. He used a capo because he couldn't play closed positions, thats just what I've been told...
  8. Welcome Bradi. You have come to the right place if you're looking for good absinthe. The society here will tell you what is the best and worst of the absinthes and save you alot of expensive mistakes. They've sure done that for me..
  9. Yes, I know, And now Julie Andrews sings..... The hills are Alive.......
  10. Ok, Belarmin, I'm friggin jealous already, Maui? Welcome,
  11. Well yes, unless you're talking about alcohol
  12. I liked the Edouard much more than the N.O. Clean, crisp and refreshing, with plenty of bite. I found the N.O. to have a much heavier herbal taste.