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  1. First off I didn't know that Van gogh was a stoner. it also says does this mean that anything under 10MG is legal to sell in the states?
  2. I have drank(and enjoyed) all of the IKEs cept for the blanche, but I Have heard very mixed reviews about that. the best two are the 68verte and the 80Brut they stand out the most. the 70verte is the kind of thing you always want to keep around and all my friends love it. I was kind of bored with the 60verte it's not bad at all it's just boring. I do enjoy drinking it neat though.
  3. What Absomphe said, but after you are done walking softly "sit down and drink lots of absinthe" happy birthday!
  4. yeah I figured that rubber woud muck it up, but are there any other synthetic materials used in corks that are bad?
  5. I have been having problems with my corks. when I first got my absinthe, I thought that it should be kept like wine: on it's side and turned once in a while, but then I read something of FV that said that the high alcohol content ate through the cork and it is best to keep the bottle vertical so that the cork does not fall apart. Is any of that correct? I was also wondering: if I wanted to replace the corks with something what would be best? I am sure that these questions have been asked before and for that I'm sorry I just was not able to find definitive answers to them.
  6. did any of those "goths" you use to hang out with ever post? or were they too goth for that? it would be funny to see what they posted
  7. ah, I must go to Blanchard's next time I am around. thanks
  8. yeah I read it the guy talks about drinking pink absinthe!
  9. well hello hello. good ol' Cambridge I have spent many a night walking around there. what store do you buy your arak at?
  10. Alice


    psst... Alice ain't a girl. shhhhhhh! it's a secret! ...but that's neither here nor there heh
  11. Alice


    It's a business, what do you expect? yeah they are going to sell czech swill, know why? because it sells. it's pretty simple and I know it's kinda taking people who don't know much off guard but if they took 15 minutes to read up about it before buying (something you should do with just about any product you are spending this much money on) they could still get very good absinthe from Alandia
  12. Alice


    I got the 60-verte, 70-verte, 68-verte and the 80-brut through Alandia, although I know a lot of you don't like alandia I can't say I have a problem with them. They have always given me what I wanted and got it here on time or before I was expecting it.
  13. Some of you may already know me from Fee verte, which I have been on for only a few months. I really am a newbie. So far the absinthe that I have liked the most is the Eichelberger 68* Verte, I have also enjoyed the rest of the Eichelberger line as well. I also like Montmartre but I find it has a sock-draw aftertaste. I really need to try more when my money allows it. As for myself: I am a mostly normal, middleclass, american citizen.