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  1. I don't think the recession will have a substantial impact. As I recall, brands were running out of product back in 2008 when things were worse. When / if things recover, they'll be in a great position to expand.
  2. I had some 2005 Clandestine Recette Marianne the other night. Truly amazing, one of my best glasses of absinthe to date, much better than the glass I had in 2005!
  3. Wine alcohol Clandestine is amazing, I definitely wish more brands used wine base
  4. Haha, well it is good to hear that many of you have finally joined my camp on this issue. "Absinthe has secondary effects." "I'm an alcoholic I don't feel anything, are you sure?" "It won't knock you off your seat. It is subtle. I've proven it to myself." "I don't care, I only drink absinthe because it is a meadow in a glass, who cares if you're right." Well, alas, people are finally willing to admit it, now that we don't have to worry about it becoming legal. For the record, I don't drink absinthe for the 'effects,' they are way too small to justify the purchase of a bottle. I drink it for the craftsmanship and flavor. --- Now that we got that out of our system, anyone have a theory on why a verte or blanche may result in different effects? Is it something about the process? Or simply different herbal content between brands? That is after all, what the original poster was inquiring about!
  5. Most here will not admit that absinthe has secondary effects. Good luck getting a real answer. FYI, I've noticed more secondary effects from blanches as well. Not sure what the reason is.
  6. what bars do you recommend in LA?
  7. That'd only last a week in my home!
  8. I want pre-ban, every last remaining drop in the world!
  9. Hi-time is SO CAL's premier absinthe destination
  10. TB.....good man... good father.......... But really, his accomplishments are quite admirable
  11. I'm sure someone here has tried using club soda.... how is it?
  12. $50 a liter sounds good Anyone know the profit margin on the jades?
  13. The difference is astounding... I guess our children will know the truth after all our bottles age for 100 years
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