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  1. Yes... and most nights but birthday nights should be somewhat justified. Just my humble opinion. Not that I am allowed to express it.
  2. Drakes IPA again. We have a keg so that was about 15 gallons? Nothing like iced cold beer on a Friday night after a long day selling wine.
  3. I couldn't do it with sugar. It was still too sweet.
  4. We are drinking Drake's IPA. It's good especially when iced cold.
  5. Well, hey, it is only my first time turning 39.
  6. You must be talking about me as it was my birthday yesterday and I posted a lot last night. Where did you hear I despise this forum?
  7. My ex roommate used to LOVE him. Bourdain, that is.
  8. Sweet!!! It really is the best birthday ever so far. When the drinking starts it'll become epic. I've had a great March and April. Heck, a great 2011 so far.
  9. In the off chance he could see it... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
  10. You were so excited about it you couldn't sleep?? And here I am toddling off to work.... woot. Party.
  11. sparkling malbec??????? I'd try it (of course) but I am skeptical!
  12. Redwood Creek's new Malbec. I was skeptical but it wasn't at all bad for a Malbec in that price range.
  13. I agree about the dry martini. The 1900 Martini would probably work really well. I like the New Amsterdam in an Orange Blossom with orange bitters and a little orange juice and it's niiiice.
  14. We had to turn on the air conditioner today :(
  15. Well that sounds good. I'll put my 2 cents in on the banana beer tomorrow !
  16. Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? A birthday! Happy belated, sir. I was wondering why there were so many people getting drunk on Wednesday!