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  1. Wow. Brain Salad Surgery tour. Spinning grand pianos. Definitely a good memory.
  2. Welcome! Now I'm only the third newest Newbie here, but apparently the still least knowledgeable about absinthe.
  3. *Earthy aroma may be a better term. I like that. Sounds better than "wet dog".
  4. A nice, cold Big Hole Headstrong Pale Ale after a day of working in the yard and putting up a fence for the pups - with a lot of help from the family.
  5. Thanks, Everyone. The absinthe doesn't seem to crash my blood sugar as much as a lot of drinks do. Just don't drink too much, I would guess. Martinis are very bad for me and most other drinks have too much sugar. I usually limit my drinks to an occasional Bloody Mary - wimpy, I know, but better than in the hospital or worse. Since the absinthe doesn't crash it out too much, it's a nice addition to my life. Yes, I do love my dogs and getting caught in the rain is nice sometimes but it makes the dogs stink.
  6. I've been reading all the posts in the general forum and now I can access the "members only"! I've been accepted! I have other family members in the crowd but I hesitate to mention their names because I've watched too many mafia movies and don't want anyone to think we're trying to infiltrate and take over. Really, we're just interested in this green drink thing. I have to admit I didn't like absinthe at first but it is an acquired taste for me and now I find it quite tasty. The Lucid I tasted this week was really good. I can't have a whole lot because of diabetes but a glass now and then is great. Personally, I have recently completed my MBA for Nonprofits (which means I will be 85 by the time I get my student loans paid off - don't worry, I made sure my children wouldn't have to pay). I work for a therapeutic boarding school which I love but get frustrated with at times and generally enjoy day to day living. Seems like I should say I like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain, but I think pina coladas suck. Can I say "suck"? I have dogs. I love my dogs.